Astrology Chart

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Astrology Chart

Astrology Chart

A Composite Chart is the Astrological Chart of a Relationship and it Reveals Important Information

The Composite Chart of a Couple Reveals Valuable Information on the Relationship Itself

Astrological compatibility is determined first by assessing the aspects that are formed by the individual charts themselves. We look at Sun to Venus, Venus to mars, sun to moon and so on. This shows the compatible elements that the individuals themselves feel when in the presence of the other person. Some people bring out the best in us, and others, well…not so much. This is because of the harmonious aspects between the charts and/or challenging ones.
Okay, so let's say you have relatively compatible elements between you. Now you have to look at the chart of the relationship itself, to find out the purpose, and how this entity interacts with you individually.
At the beginning of a relationship you may seem to get along just peachy, but the minute you really commit to a relationship, or it becomes long term, is when it's attributes, it's benefits, it's challenges will be revealed, this is the composite chart at work.
The composite chart is determined by finding the midpoint between two individuals Suns, Moons, Mercurys etc. to form a new chart that reflects the purpose of the two joining together in a committed union. This is true in friendship, a business relationship, siblings, parents, children, and romantic relationships.
This Chart now reveals another entity with harmonious and challenging aspects of its' own. It has a purpose and agenda that the individuals themselves will have to live with, and learn from. It shows what you may have to contend with within the relationship and outside forces.
What I like is that the composite chart can off set some difficult aspects you may have between your synastry. For instance, in the synastry between a relationship there could be some difficult Mercury aspects interacting between the couple. This makes it difficult to understand each other and feel like they are on different wavelengths.
However, in the composite chart they could have Mercury sextile Jupiter, this would help to have more tolerance for each others' point of view. And they are now better able to find the compromise or work through their differences.
They may also have the aspect, Sun conjunct Venus. This denotes a very harmonious and mutual love, and this is a very harmonious aspect to have, it gives mutual support within the relationship. However, say this conjunction is squared by Uranus, boooooo, this would be a problem with them from the get go. Constant disruptions, separations, and unavailability will reek havoc on them. And it will seem like it is beyond either of their control.
So with these kind of aspects in a composite chart we can either throw up our hands and wave good-bye, or we can have this awareness that this is something inherent in our relationships and learn to go with the flow. The lesson here would be to be more flexible within a relationship and not need a 9 to 5/stable/secure/consistent relationship.
With the knowledge you gain from a composite chart, you can be aware of the issues and lessons in your relationship that are there for your mutual growth. And you can find ways to work with the challenges and enjoy the benefits! Knowledge and awareness empower you to make the decisions that are right for you and your relationships.

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Not sure what this astrology birth chart means?

I am new to Astrology. Just started dating this guy. And we were talking about our birth charts. What does it mean if his Sun sign is in Gemini, moon sign in Sagittarius, Venus in Cancer, and Mars in Leo?

ok, his Sun sign is in Gemini means he is a very sociable,
people person, who is very easy to talk with, and good thinker.
Moon in Sag would make him a free spirited guy, who is like
a dreamer, very optimistic and honest, and likes nature and
animals .Also loves to learn. Kind of hard to commit to one.
Now Venus in Cancer would help that free spirit be calmer
and home loving and more emotional. Mars in Leo makes him
one who will fight for what he believes in, and hold himself a bit
higher than the rest. But also fight for honesty and be proud.
Hope this helps some and good luck~

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