Astrology Predictions

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Astrology Predictions

Astrology Predictions

Libra 2010 Accurate Astrology Predictions

Libra Sign Predictions / Tula Moon Sign Predictions

Sign Lord: Venus

Astrology Element: Air

Astrology Direction: West

Astrology Sign Sex: Male

Astrology Favorable Gemstone: Diamond

Astrologically Favorable Color: White

Astrologically Good Days: Friday

Astrology Recommends Fasting: Friday

Numerology Favorable Number: Six

Numerology Favorable Dates in a Month: 6th, 15th, 24th

Astrologically Friendly Signs:  Gemini, Capricorn, Aquarius, Sagittarius

Astrologically Inimical Signs: Leo

Libra Sign Vedic Horoscope Astrology Forecast / Tula Sign Astrology Predictions for 2010 based on Vedic Horoscope

The forecast and predictions for the Libra natives is based on the Moon Sign and Vedic astrology Horoscope. Please check out your moon sign and not the Sun Sign for these predictions.

The predictions and forecast for the year 2010 for Libra natives based on Vedic astrology is as follows:

In general the year 2010 is Below Average for the Libra Sign Natives, Saturn is transiting over the 12th house which is not a favorable position while Jupiter is placed over the 5th house which is a good position for Jupiter, however in the second half of the year after May, Jupiter transits over the 6th house and that would not be a good position for Jupiter. Mars is debilitated in Cancer Sign in the 10th house and that is an average position for Mars.

The planetary positions based on Vedic Astrology Horoscope are below average for the Libra natives for the year 2010.

Since Saturn is in the 12th house, this would result in problems related to health and you may suffer from ill health frequently, it is advised to take health precautions all year round.

You could face health related problems related to hypertension, blood related problems. You are advised to take care while driving, there are chances of accidents.

Saturn transit over 12th house would result in increased expenditure and unwanted expenses. It would also result in sleep disorders for you.

This year would also bring problems related to your profession; you have to be careful in your career and professional activities during the current year. You would have problems related to your work environment and profession; unforeseen problems might crop up at workplace which would cause tensions and hardships to you.

Till May 2010 you would have good news from your children. You would get happiness from their educational and other pursuits, if they are of marriageable age their marriage may get finalized.

There is a possibility of Libra natives being blessed with children in the current year.

As Mars the 2nd and 7th Lord is debilitated in the 10th house for the beginning of the year, you can expect problems and tensions at the workplace. Your earnings will remain ok or below average for the year.

Parents, the health and general relationship with your parents will remain good during the year.

There is possibility of short travel in this year.

The relationship with your relatives will be good for the first half of the year, however second half of the year after May would bring tensions and problems from enemies and relatives alike.

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The free astrology predictions and forecast is based on moon sign and transit only, for detailed analysis of the horoscope, predictions and forecast based on your date, time and place of birth please send in your details at

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