Natal Birth

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Natal Birth

Natal Birth

The Astrological Profile Natal-Birth-Chart For Comedian/host Conan O'brien

The Astrological Profile (Natal (Birth) Chart) For Comedian/Host Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien is one of the funniest comedians and talk show host in entertainment history. When it came time for the Carson "Talk Show Torch" to be passed to Conan, things quickly fizzled out. Why was the Greatest Moment in Conan's career met with such turmoil? This Astrological Profile will study the Natal (Birth) Chart of Conan O' Brien.

Conan Christopher O'Brien was born in Brookline, Massachusetts on April 18, 1963. Conan has the "double" energies of both Aries (Aggression and Boldness) and Taurus (the Patient and Hardworking). We witnessed as Patient and Hardworking (Taurus) Conan was as he waited for the "Tonight Show" torch to be handed to him. We witnessed the Bold Aggression (Aries) of O'Brien when he felt slighted by both NBC and Jay Leno.

Here is the Astrological Profile For Conan O'Brien:

Sun and Jupiter In Aries- This "Aries-Taurus" (O'Brien) would have Good Fortune and Expansion(s) In Life. Jupiter is the Planet of Good Fortune and Expansions.

Jupiter Rules Pisces

Mars Rules Aries

Mars in Leo-Conan (the Aries-Taurus) would also be a very Courageous Leo when it came to battles and struggles (Mars). We should Conan's fearlessness as he publicly berated NBC Executives and Leno for their "sins" against him. We also show this Aries Lion take on the Mayor of New Jersey. The Universe was definitely pushing Conan into Theatrical (Fire Signs-Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius) situations.

Uranus Retrograde Bordering Both Leo and Virgo with Pluto Retrograde in Virgo-We can now see why Conan made massive, major money to leave NBC while also making major money to sign with FOX. The Universe arranged Conan to be born under the most Powerful and Expansion Planet Associations.

Let's examine these Sign and Planet Associations.

We must first explain a Planet Retrograde. When a Planet is Retrograde, it appears to move backwards. Astrologers say that this Retrograde cause the usual purpose of the Planet to "reverse". It is also believed that a Retrograde means a review or a "re do (revisit)" of a Past Situation. Retrogrades can cause confusion(s) and sluggish energies.

Uranus Retrograde Bordering Both Leo (Mars in Leo) and Virgo-Also Pluto Retrograde In Virgo-The Universe was focusing on the Bold (Leo), Aggressive (Aries) Behavioral Patterns Toward Confrontations (Mars) and the Health Conscious, Critical Analysis (Reasoning) of Virgo. Uranus is the Planet of Suddenness. Electricity, Earthquakes, and Opposition to the "Status Quo" occur under Uranus. Pluto is the planet of the Supernatural and Unknown. Strange and Weird things are associated with Pluto. Pluto has Great Power and can be an Eliminator and a Rebuilder. It appears that the Universe sent these two Powerful and Impactful Planets into the "Leo-Mars-Virgo" association to Limit ("Hold Back"-Retrograde) the Intensity of Conan O'Brien. Otherwise, he would Aggressively (Aries) and Boldly (Leo) Say what was on his mind (Virgo) with out contemplating the Repercussions. To summary, the Universe placed Uranus and Pluto Retrograde during Conan's Day of Birth to minimize Conan's Aries (Mars)-Leo Tendencies and ensure Well Being (Health-Virgo).

Uranus Rules Aquarius

Pluto Rules Scorpio

Moon & Saturn in Aquarius-Aquarius is the Sign of Enlightenment, Humane Actions, and/or Technology. The Moon Influences the Subconscious and Emotions. Depending on its Phase, the Moon can Reveal, Heal, or Kill (Eliminate). Saturn is the Planet of Responsibility and Karma. Conan O'Brien is known for his work with Autism, and his requesting NBC to assist in charity efforts. Aquarius is the sign of helping people (and the world) through Enlightenment, Humane Actions, and/or Technology. At Conan's Birth, the Universe willed that Conan be active in helping improve the world (Aquarius).

The Moon Rules Cancer

Saturn Rules Capricorn

Chiron and Venus in Pisces-Pisces is the sign of Inspiration and Intuition. Some Astrologers believe that Pisces also have Psychic abilities. Chiron is the Healer. Venus rules Libra and Taurus. Venus is the Planet of Emotions and Finance. At Conan's Birth, the Universe willed that during Conan's lifetime he would provide Healing (Chiron) Inspirations (Pisces) to Planet Earth. It appears that this "Healing" would result in Finances and "Great Times" (Venus) for Conan. Some say that "Laughter" is the Best Medicine.

True (North) Node Cancer-The North Node is the Zodiac Sign the Universe wants the person to achieve in their life time. Cancer is the sign of Family and Security. Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Conan's Moon aligned with Saturn (Capricorn-Business World) in Aquarius. At Conan's Birth, the Universe willed that Conan use his life to grow with his family. The Universe also blessed Conan with massive medium (Technology-Aquarius) to also Enlighten (Aquarius) Earth's Families (Cancer).

Mercury in Taurus-Remember that Conan is a "double energy" Aries-Taurus. His birth date is at the End of the Aries Zodiac Sign and was entering Taurus. Taurus is the Patient and Hard working person. Mercury is the Planet of Communications and Devices. When Conan was born, the Universe willed that Conan's work be in the Communications field.

Neptune Retrograde In Scorpio-Scorpio is ruled by Pluto. Scorpios can be Strange, Secretive, Sensual, Erratic, Accusing, and Investigative. Neptune is the Planet of Dreams and Ideas. If Neptune was moving forward, a Neptune in Scorpio would be a bad combination. It would be a person who would bring their dreams and subconscious into the "real" world with out any substance. Imagine being accused of something based solely on some one's "fantasy world (Neptune)"? This is why the Universe caused Neptune to Retrograde in Scorpio. Pluto rules Scorpio and Pluto was Retrograde in Virgo (Critical Analysis and/or Health). The Universe intensely prevented the already brave (Leo) and Aggressive (Aries) Conan from venting his feelings (Virgo and Scorpio) with out contemplating the consequences. We've recently witnessed how "amped" Conan becomes when he feels justified.

Conan O'Brien has 3 Retrograde Planets in his birth chart. Each one was placed to "hold back" (Retrograde) the intense tongue of this Bold (Leo) and Aggressive (Aries/Mars) Communicator (Mercury). Also Notice that Mercury is in Taurus and Conan O'Brien is a Taurus-Aries.

We clearly see the Wisdom of the Universe in Declaring the Will of God (Psalm 19:1).

Now that Conan is Gone from NBC, what can we expect to see:

1) The Universe Loves Conan O'Brien. Someone needs to tell Mr. O'Brien that the Universe is his personal Galactic Mother. She's been Nurturing him since Day One. The Natal-Birth Chart proves that.

2) You're going to see Conan control his "Taurus" better. He thought that by being a "good" Taurus that he'd get the "Tonight Show" spot. Conan forgot how Letterman was "screwed" by Leno's former manager. The "Post Tonight Show" Conan will be "looking out for Number 1" from here on in.

3) You're going to see a more Enterprising Conan O'Brien. Expect to see Conan's name, ideas, and likness "popping up" everywhere world wide.

4) WATCH OUT FORBES MAGAZINE. At some point in the upcoming years, Conan may become one of the Most Richest Men in America (reach for the world, Conan. reach for the World).

5) Don't hold your breath-But you might see Conan dancing with Puffy, or P-Diddy, or Sean Combs, or whatever name he's using these days (why doesn't Puffy just get a symbol for a name like Prince?).

6) I'm hoping that Conan obeys his Universe Mother and does more for Charity, Humanity, and Enlightenment worldwide.

7) Of course with the Limelight comes the mistakes and bad decisions (and the liars who try to get a piece of your pie). I must warn that the Universe loves Conan O'Brien. I pity the "fools" who try to "take" him.

We always hear that "the good die young" or "the good guy got his heart broke", or "nice guys finish last" or "they worked for the company for 16 years and then got laid off to avoid a high pension pay out". Conan O'Brien proves that Hard Work does pay. We just have to use our God Given Brains to avoid getting screwed by the "Status Quo".

This article can be freely edited and utilized as long as credit is given to its author (Gary Colin).

About the Author

Gary Colin is Author of, "Bible Symbolism What It Means To Your Salvation (ISBN 1-4241-0152-2)

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