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by admin on July 30, 2008

Pocket Mala

Pocket Mala

Wheeled Computer Briefcase

The reminder in your cell phone breaks the silence of the boardroom! You pick up your wheeled computer briefcase and rush to catch the next fight to New York.

Classy and stylish wheeled computer briefcases perfectly define the modern-day high-flying executives. The designs are smart and good-looking so that these briefcases perfectly complement your superior Armani or Versace business suit!

Laptops are an indispensable electronic commodity that keeps the extremely busy business traveler like you accessible just about everywhere and anywhere in the world! Wheeled computer briefcase are ideally suited to pack your laptops in the most convenient and fashionable way. So you might label these travel briefcases as some kind of a fashion accessory that enhances the style statement of corporate honchos always in transit!

You would love to check out the myriad designs and styles that make each wheeled computer briefcase uniquely convenient so that it perfectly suits your style and requirements.

The wheeled computer briefcase is fitted with retractable in-line wheels that provide smooth and stable rolling of the luggage. These briefcases have lots of storage space, extra pockets and panels to store your important business files, binders and documents, mobile phones, other digital accessories and water bottles, in addition to your laptop. Most of these briefcases are made lightweight with padded and anti-slip shoulder straps so that you are comfortable while carrying it around. For easy maneuverability a wheeled computer briefcase is often provided with an adjustable telescopic handle system.

A removable padded internal computer sleeve is a common feature of most wheeled computer briefcases. This provides shock protection to your laptop. You can opt for an expandable-wheeled computer briefcase that can expand to a considerable extent for increased capacity. These briefcases are provided with fan file system that helps pack your files and official documents in an organized manner so that they can be easily accessible whenever you need them! Also your files and documents remain wrinkle-free in the fan file system of panels.

Wheeled computer briefcases are available in nylon fabric, pure leather, synthetic leather, or a nylon-leather combo whichever you choose to pick up that satisfies your taste and personality. Leather computer briefcases are always classy and elegant and go well with that CEO tag that you have recently accomplished! Nylon wheeled computer briefcase is more sturdy.

For the business traveler the wheeled computer briefcase is also fitted with card slots for storing business cards, key fob, CD slots that can hold important CDs and numerous security zippered pockets.

The ergonomically designed wheeled computer briefcase thus completely fit the travel styles and work demands of today's executives. The wheels and telescopic handles provide the maximum mobility and shock absorption while traveling through airports and hotels. You can store all your necessary business accessories along with your laptop so that you don't have to look anywhere else in times of need!

Thus the wheeled computer briefcase makes your business travel hassle-free. It also provides you with adequate flexibility while moving around with your laptops and business documents in style!

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Author: June Mala

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What kind of woman do you think would wear this outfit?

Top: Loose purple shirt with a fairy on it
Bottom: very worn, cuffed up, loose fit (but not baggy), men's jeans with DIY smiley face embroidery on the back pockets and a large amount of band, political, New Age and peace sign patches
Accessories: woven, beaded hemp belt and hair held back in pigtails with Celtic Knot ties.
Jewelry: ankh stud earrings, chakra patterned mala bracelet and amethyst mala necklace.
Body paint: elaborate, flowery henna tattoo on hands.
Shoes: black hemp and recycled tire hiking boots

An eclectic woman who doesn't give rats tail what others think of her.

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