Agate Gemstone

by admin on May 31, 2006

Agate Gemstone

Agate Gemstone

The Color and Luster of Gemstone Necklaces Makes Them of an Incredible Aesthetic Value

If we were to analyze the jewelry market, we'd easily notice that from the variety of jewels available both in stores and online, most of them are made of semiprecious stones or gems. Why are gemstones necklaces so well sold? The truth is that there are no other mineral elements on earth to come in such diversity of color, transparency and overall properties in general. Think of lapis lazuli or amber: their color and luster makes them of an incredible aesthetic value, not to mention that rarity sometimes has a word in the matter. The rarer a type of gemstones, the more it will be appreciated and demanded on the market.

Don't be surprised to feel that your gemstone necklace looks crystal like; some such semiprecious stones are actually classified by the crystal criteria, groups species and varieties. Sapphires, rubies, emerald, agates and the like, were definitely valued more than diamonds at a certain time. The gorgeous colors of gemstone necklaces, the fact that they are usually worn on the same type of elegant occasions when diamonds would be too, shows us that the scale of values is not that different. Gemstone necklaces are definitely refined and incredibly stylish, and not any casual occasion is suitable for their use.

On the stone market, the popularity of certain semiprecious stones has led to an increase in the prices of gemstone necklaces, and rarity is often the factor that sets the trend. If a certain type of gemstone is both incredibly aesthetic and hard to find, no doubt its popularity will fit in the market mechanisms. This is the case of gemstone necklaces made of red beryl for instance or that of the tanzanite. The price of the latter also saw fluctuations depending on the supply that was available on the market at a certain time.

In the past precious and semiprecious stones were often attached a ritual function or symbolism, particularly in the Greek and Roman antiquity for instance. From all the gemstones, the Greeks valued asteria more than any other mineral or crystal form, as it was associated with love and passion. Some of the gemstone necklaces handmade in such times have still survived time, being found during archaeological excavations; this pretty much gives us an insight in what body decorations and jewels must have meant to the ancients, and we are definitely free to take our inspiration from them.

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do certain woods have powers like gemstones?

My sister is Wiccan and I am wanting to make her a staff. I am going to put agate in it for luck and protection and a large amethyst crystal on top because she is drawn to this stone for one-ness with the infinite. (it also help prevent drunkeness which will help since july 1st is her 21st birthday)
Is there a certain wood that offers protection that I may use for her staff. (She is known to do some things spiritually that she probably shouldn't and I want her to have some protection from the malevolent beings/spirits)

This will be a very special gift for her. we have always be very in tune with each others emotions and I love her more than anything.
I do not appreciate you all mocking the Wiccan religion. I do not mock christianity or catholicism or any other religion for that matter.
if gemstones and woods do not have powers who is to say 'jesus' or 'god' has powers. Hell no one has even seen them!

yes we hindus believe some woods can be used in place of gemstones like whitesandal anantamul brahmajasthi root of baniyan treeetc. 4 improvement of health , luck, sex,etc.,bramhajasthi can be used in place of yellow saphire, roots of khirai 4 pearl, white sandal 4 diamond, anantamul 4 coral etc. i think it will certainly minimise ur problem.

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