Ball Carving

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Ball Carving

Ball Carving

Enhance Your Romance Luck With Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose quartz is a beautiful stone that is translucent pink to rose red in color, and is one of the crystals that have traditionally been used to help improve relationship luck. Widely recognized as the ‘Love Stone’, Rose Quartz is most desired for its ability in accelerating the process for those seeking true love, mending cracked relationships and jazzing up your existing romance life. Rose Quartz is also an excellent stone for someone who has trouble loving themselves or receiving love from another because they do not believe that they are worthy of being loved.

Wearing a rose quartz is easy since it is sold in many forms and kinds such as a cabochon stone and as an accent in assorted types of jewelry such as pendants, bracelets and necklaces.  Rose Quartz is relatively cheap and also easy to find.

Most of the time, rose quartz has either been carried in its natural form, or worn as a piece of jewelry. Today, you can find many different pieces of rose quartz that are used either for ornamental purposes, cut and polished jewelry or as a stone that is carried in its natural form. Rose quartz makes a very attractive ornamental stone and is carved into spheres, good luck symbols, obelisks and statues. You can choose any piece of rose quartz that you desire, and use them however you see fit.

In the home, a rose quartz can help to maintain and establish a sense of nurturing love. You can often find rose quartz that has already been shaped for you, so that you won’t have to place small unpolished stones in your décor, although that is also perfectly acceptable.

Since rose quartz is associated with love and harmony, in the home it can  be utilized to exude an aura of harmony and peace. Rose quartz can also help minimize or neutralize negativity, according to tradition, and the stone has been used extensively in working with the heart chakra.

Everyone can keep a rose quartz to help remind them of love, and to help keep their feelings focused on more positive and harmonious ideas. Rose quartz is a natural stone that is formed with metal titanium in the clusters, which gives the stone its pink color. Rose quartz has been used in jewelry for centuries, and would make a ideal gift to a loved one.

Where Can I Buy A Rose Quartz? You can find rose quartz in specialty shops across the globe, although they may be difficult to find if you do not live in the city. You can also order rose quartz online easily, and often for a cheaper price than in a local store. Rose quartz is easy to find online, and is also available in more designs and styles that in other places.

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Ice Ball Carving

Whats the best kind of clay polymer for making an abjd?

I would like to take up the hobby of making Asian Ball Jointed Dolls. I want to make them hand made. It doesn't have to be abjds' I just want to make a figurine. What kind of clay polymer is the best for making them. I don't want to carve them though i just want to make one!!

Actual BJDs are made of resin, not polymer clay. I suppose if you just want to make a BJD-like figurine you could use any polymer clay (I make stuff with Sculpey all the time), but it's not going to be the authentic material and a lot of BJD forums wouldn't consider your doll to be a true BJD as a result.

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