Bead Prayer

by admin on August 11, 2006

Bead Prayer

Bead Prayer

Begin to Pray The Rosary Tonight and Get Your Prayers Answered

Begin to Pray The Rosary Tonight and Get Your Prayers Answered

The first version of the rosary originated in the third and 4th centuries. At that time, most folk were unable to read or write but they were capable of memorizing and reciting a series of short prayers. However, while concentrating on their praying, it was difficult to keep count of the number of prayers that were being said. So, folks tied knots in ropes or used small stones or pebbles to represent each prayer so they could make it easier to keep track of the quantity of prayers they recited.

The rosary was given to the Church by St. Dominic in the 1400's. It was said that he received it from the Blessed Virgin as a means of converting sinners. The original rosary design was repeatedly changed over the centuries. And, by the point of the Renaissance, it developed into the form that we all know today.

The rosary refers to a set of prayers and meditations. A string of beads is used to keep track of the sequence of prayers. While saying each prayer, you should reflect on the life of Jesus Christ and his mother, the Virgin Mary. The rosary is very important to Roman Catholics, who consider it holy. Rosary prayers are counted on the beads. While praying, many dedicated followers use this moment of peace to meditate on certain chapters of the Bible.

The rosary consists of a string of beads known as rosary beads. These beads are arranged in 5 sets of 10, called decades. On most rosary beads, a bigger bead or a decorative bead separates each set. The beads end in a tiny pendant that usually contains a picture of the Virgin Mary. This is followed by a short string of one bead, three beads and one bead placed at small intervals. At the end of this formation, there's customarily a crucifix.

You can buy rosary beads from Catholic bookstores and through the internet. Some churches also sell them or give them away. In addition, you can purchase audio recordings of the rosary on cd. Rosary cd's make it very convenient to pray the rosary while commuting to work, traveling, exercising or in the comfort of your home.

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Pray The Rosary CD and get your prayers answered.

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How can I make Pagan prayer beads?

I would start with determining what numbers resonate with you to determine how (or if) the beads will be grouped. As to HOW to build them? That is a matter of your preference. You can string them on silk pearl thread, you can use wire to make a chain style, there are LOTS of ways. The important thing is that they resonate with you. Use stones or colors that you connect with or that represent your intent.

For me the hardest part was creating a prayer/mantra to use. (But then I'm a crafter and jewelry maker, not a writer) 🙂

Hope this helps some.

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