Card Healing

by admin on July 30, 2003

Card Healing

Card Healing

What is Healing Intention?

There is a lot of talk these days about intention and the law of attraction. But just what is this mysterious phenomenon called intention? Intention can be defined as merely making a decision to do something. The decision is not a superficial one but resonates with the core of our being. It is usually accompanied by a deep knowing that the decision in some way connects with truth.

For example, many of my students have the intention to become health care practitioners. They have made a decision to do so and it guides them in their journey through the various health care programs. All of their subsequent decisions connect with their intention of becoming say a nurse. They choose their classes, jobs and even friends based on their intention. Intention serves to provide purpose or meaning in the pursuit of their new careers.

Intention can also be used in healing. It begins with a decision to heal. This is not a superficial decision but one that goes deep to the core of your being. In other words simply stating that you will heal or even writing it down is not enough. You must truly believe that you will heal. This can be difficult for some because some people hang on to their illnesses for various reasons. Some do not really want to heal. Others do wish to heal but don't believe they can.

Once you have made a decision to heal it is good to bring the decision out of the world of ideas and into the physical world by writing it down. This in some way materializes the thought of healing. You should write down your intention with the focus on health and healing and not focus on illness or pain. For example, if I am writing an intention for healing arthritis I would focus on my joints moving freely and feeling good rather than relieving the stiffness and pain. Overall the intention should be positive.

You need to spend some time with your intention. Think about it every day, work on believing it. I used to write an intention down on a card and keep it in my desk so I could read it and think about it daily.

Lastly, create your intention with a sense of gratitude. Giving thanks in some way adds power to intention. You can give thanks to the universe, God, or whatever you believe. Gratitude has been practiced by humanity for thousands of years and is very powerful.

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Dr. Bruce Forciea is an author, educator and chiropractor. His new book "Unlocking the Healing Code" presents a new paradigm for healing. His site:
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