Carving Skull

by admin on June 4, 2007

Carving Skull

Carving Skull

Create Your Own Pumpkin Costumes This Halloween

Pumpkin costumes are one of the traditional costumes worn during Halloween because of the major role played by pumpkins in the celebration of this holiday on October 31. Halloween is mostly a secular celebration but it is based on All Saints' Day and the ancient Celtic festival called Samhain. The Irish immigrants brought this tradition with them to North America. One of the traditional symbols of this holiday is the jack-o-lantern that got its name from the legend of Stingy Jack. However, the tradition of putting a candle inside a carved pumpkin actually came from the practice of the ancient Celts of placing a carved turnip on their window sills to scare off any evil spirits.

In North America, Halloween coincided with harvest time and they soon noticed that the pumpkins are easier to carve than the turnips and that their size is closer to the size of a head. They also learned to carve a scary or comical face on the pumpkin. The carved pumpkin with candles inside it soon became a traditional symbol of Halloween. Thus, many families celebrate this holiday by putting the carved pumpkin with candles inside it in front of their doorsteps.

Pumpkin costumes are often used for infants although older children and adults can also use them. One example of a pumpkin costume for babies is an orange bodysuit with printed pumpkin and a matching headpiece that also represents a pumpkin. For adults and older children, an example of a pumpkin costume is inflatable and includes a jumpsuit, headpiece, and battery-operated fan.

While many pumpkin costumes are designed to be comical, on the other hand, some are intended to scare people. One example is a frightening Jack O' Lantern mask that includes a robe that is provided with arm ties and a cape with a skull-shaped brooch.

You can also make your own pumpkin costume by using an over sized orange sweatshirt. If you do not have an orange sweatshirt, you can change its color to orange by applying a fabric dye. After putting on the sweatshirt, the next step is to crumple up several newspapers and put them inside the sweatshirt until it becomes round like a pumpkin. To ensure that the newspapers do not get out of the sweatshirt, you can tie a yarn or use a belt. You can also apply fabric paint to create a jack-o-lantern face on the front of your sweatshirt.

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Drawing & Carving the Skull Pumpkin

Where can I find a styrofoam cube about 5"x5"x5"?

Need it to carve a skull for a school project.

I'm not sure if Home Depot or a craft store like JoAnn's or Michael's would carry it - and I can't order online, because I need to have it made by Tuesday.

I live in Farmington Hills, MI by the way - if there's anyone from the region.

Thanks for any help given!

AH, we've changed from feet to inches now !!

Munro Craft Supply
(248) 544-1590
3954 12 Mile Rd, Berkley, MI 48072

They have balls 8 inches in diameter for $20.


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