Chakra Pendant

by admin on June 10, 2008

Chakra Pendant

Chakra Pendant

The Interest In Spiritual Jewelry

Nearly every religion has spiritual jewelry. Whether your are Buddhist, Native American, Christian or New Age, you will find spiritual symbols which are worn for adornment. These pieces may be designed for wear by either women or men. Jewelry related to ones spirituality is almost as old as history itself.

Much of the early artwork that survives today has a spiritual connotation. Whether the art was an idol or a symbol of the creator's faith, we see surviving pieces made of stone, iron, brass or gold. In addition to those pieces of art, there were pieces of jewelry made that reflected the wearer's religious beliefs.

Some of the jewelry was worn in order to ward off the evil spirits. Other pieces served the wearer as a reminder of his god or his religious duty. Pieces had significance to the wearer or they would not have been made.

There are examples seen in Catholicism today. Rosaries, crosses and crucifixes as well as metals depicting the patron saints are often worn. Rosaries are very important to Catholics as they are used in daily prayers. Many of the metals of the saints are also worn by non Catholics.

While many Protestant Christians do not wear crucifixes or rosaries, cross jewelry is very popular. In addition, the symbol of the fish, used by early Christians as a means of identification, is often worn by Protestants.

New Age jewelry often has very ancient roots. Amulets which have been copied from pieces that were created thousands of years ago are often worn. These pieces often are very expensive, but pieces using inexpensive metals and fake stones are also popular.

Among Native Americans the metaphysical jewelry often signifies a rite of passage. Other pieces may be healing stones, while still others are for ceremonial use only. There are stiff penalties for attempting to sell Native American jewelry that is not made by Native Americans.

Jewelry prices for spiritual pieces vary greatly. You will find that there are cheap plastic pieces sold as well as those pieces that are made from gold, silver and precious stones. The more expensive materials will make the piece more expensive. If you opt for a custom made piece, you should expect to pay the most for the jewelry.

Whenever planning the purchase of spiritual jewelry, start by setting a budget. By knowing what you want to and can spend can help you in your shopping decisions. Make sure that you are purchasing quality pieces when paying top dollars. Settings should be secure and clasps or other fasteners should be secure. Just as with any other jewelry, a lost stone can ruin a a piece. A defective clasp can result in a lost piece. If you have recently found your spirituality and are not sure about what piece you should purchase, consult with someone more experienced in your religion. They may be able to give you advice about a piece that will continue to have meaning for many years.

Exposition regarding unique pendants authored by Christopher Caramelli. Mr. Caramelli is the creator of jewelry featured at Spirit Journeys' SpiritWear. You can find out more about his metaphysical jewelry at Spirit Journeys site.

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rose quartz question?

I found out about a month ago that my heart chakra was blocked. I don't know the details about all of this, because I am pretty new to this type of stuff - but it does interest me.

I went to a store a couple weeks ago and picked up a couple pieces of rose quartz. One is a pendant that I wear on a necklace and another is a little stone. I wear the necklace a couple of times a week. When I go to bed at night, I usually leave some time to hold the stone or put the stone on my chest. I usually find that a lot of pain and hurt from the past is becoming resurfaced. Sometimes I can get emotional. I then put the stone down. I am finding it difficult, because all these bad memories are coming up again, that I forgot about. I might be thinking too much into it, but it kind of bothers me. I am trying to move on from the past, but it seems like everything is coming up again. Is this normal? I also find when I sleep with a rose quartz in my room, I am very restelss and can't sleep well.

Journaling to get feelings into a tangible form is good, but something you can also do is talk yourself through issues. This was something I did for myself after my first husband walked out on me and my daughter. I would sit at night and talk out loud to myself about things as if I were talking to a therapist. It was amazing the range of emotions and issues that surfaced. I cried, I got angry, I laughed, but many things that I had shoved into the back of my memories came forward to be seen and felt. The rose quartz is a stone that has a soft universal love type energy. For the feelings that you are encountering, I might suggest peridot, which is a slow, steady healer. The heart chakra colors are both pink and green. I have always found that for "healing" in this chakra that green was a more effective color than pink. The pink acts more as a "maintainence" color for me. For sleep, the amethyst is a nice choice, vanilla scent can also be very soothing. As for everything from the past "coming up again", LET IT! Chances are you have merely stuffed it inside you and ignored it, thinking it has been dealt with. Yes, it is normal that issues will erupt in pain when this has happened. Working through this pain and letting it go instead of sucking it up and trying to convince yourself that it's OK is the only way it will "go away". The memory becomes defused, so to speak, so that while you can recall the incidents that caused the pain, pain is no longer associated with it. I would continue with chakra balancing with someone well versed in the work. Your heart will likely not be the only chakra that needs attention as you heal from your past. Good luck in your healing.

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