Chakra Reiki

by admin on August 1, 2003

Chakra Reiki

Chakra Reiki

The Heart Chakra in Reiki

The heart chakra is one of the most important portals in the Reiki method for transfers of certain universal energies. This chakra has a unique mission of connecting the other chakras to it. Because of this, it is important for Reiki practitioners to open up the heart chakra for healing. There are several characteristics that are associated with the chakra in relation to this healing, which can be opened through several different methods.

The heart chakra is located at the center of the chest. It is known to open forward. The main function of this chakra is to connect the three lower chakras with the higher chakras. This can also be seen as a connection between the physical, emotional and spiritual chakras.

There are several attributes that are related to the heart chakra. Devotion, feeling, openness, connection, and several other types of attributes come from this chakra. The heart chakra is also often referred to as the twelve petal lotus.

When a Reiki practitioner is focusing on the heart chakra, he or she will often place the hands lightly on the chest center. With females, they will rotate their hands right, and with males, the rotation will be left. This will help to clear the chakra and allow for universal energies to go in through this portal. If there are major blockages in the chakra, Reiki healers may choose to use other methods as well.

The attunement or chant that is used with the heart chakra is the mantra 'yam'. This, said for a long period of time, will help in increasing universal energies. This chakra helps to clear and receive universal energies. Many say that this chakra also helps with the clearing of the thymus gland.

Gemstones are sometimes used with Reiki practitioners in opening up the heart center. The gemstones that carry the right type of universal energy for the heart chakra include the emerald, green jade, kunzite, rose quartz, and pink tourmaline. Any of these types of gemstones can be placed at the heart center when performing Reiki, or can be used over a longer period of time.

The essence of rose is another technique that many Reiki practitioners use with the opening and communication of the heart center. With any of these techniques, the heart chakra will open easiest when a person sleeps on their left side for five to six hours after treatment. Many times, those undergoing heart chakra treatments will picture nature or pink shades when opening the chakra.

The heart chakra is opened by Reiki practitioners in order to communicate with the other chakras. It is also used to help develop several different attributes. With the opening of this chakra, the universal energies can then be communicated on a different level with those studying Reiki.

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Heart and solar plexus chakra/reiki

Can a reiki master sense energy in other human beings and manipulate it?

If I am still Reiki Level 1 can my master detect the flow of my energy from a far distance?

Also does reiki energy and chakra have any association? I know what chakra is...just want to know whether they're associated with each other


Reiki can be sent long distance. The Master does not have to detect your energy because the Reiki healing will go where it is needed and does not need assitance.

In very simple terms:
Chakra is associated with Reiki because Reiki deals with the body's energy system of which the Chakras are a part. We are all made up of energy and so energy healers will be connected to all parts of the body.

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