Crystal Pendulum

by admin on September 26, 2002

Crystal Pendulum

Crystal Pendulum

How To Do Pendulum Dowsing

A pendulum is something that goes back and forth continuously. Have you every watched how an old grandfather clock works? You can see the big old pendulum, a long rod with something heavy attached to the bottom of it that goes back and forth, back and forth and so on. The principle of it is that as the weight goes to a certain height, gravity makes it come down and the force of it makes it go further to the other side.

Pendulums are believed to be divination tools, those which can help us foresee the future. Before you pooh-pooh this, hear this; we can foresee the future by just sitting down and not thinking about it. It's all out there and it has already happened. All you need to do is see it, that is; become aware of it. Oh well, that may even more perplexing. Keep reading..

Our Universe is made up of energy fields. All of us are sources, conductors receivers and transmitters of energy. There is energy all around us. The pendulum is just a way of measuring the energy changes. Just like the forked stick technique of dowsing to find water, scientists are slow in realizing that there are many wonderful facets to life that cannot be measure with their limited tools. While they argue back and forth, let us get to work.

First let us make a pendulum. Cut a length of string, say about 15 inches. Add a crystal, tiny clock, a ring or any object that is dear to you. A pendant on a chain is a pendulum! The heavier the pendant or crystal, the easier it will be to read it.

First of all, clear your mind of all negative energies. The mind must be placid to see the subtle changes of energy that we are trying to detect. Take a nice, slow, relaxing bath using aromatic soaps or oils with bright candles safely placed to remove the negative energy in the room.

Clothe yourself in a fresh, clean cotton robe since synthetic or old clothes contain negative energy. Sit at the altar or any private space where you will not be disturbed. Read a chapter from an inspirational book to align your thoughts and move into deeper consciousness away from the ordinary and mundane level of life. On a piece of paper, write down the most important questions in your life. Make them as concise as possible for yes or no answers only.

Hold the pendulum in one hand and ask the question which way is yes? Watch the pendulum. It may move to the side or rotate. Watch intently the change in it that occurs when you ask the question. Keep this in mind.

Now ask the pendulum some questions for which you already know the answer. Here are some that may help you sense the language of the pendulum:

Is today the 21st?
Is this the month of April?
Is today Tuesday?
Is today my birthday?
Does my mother live in name the town

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Quartz Crystal Pendulum - How to use a pendulum

crystal dowsing is it true what it says?

For Xmas i was given a rosequartz crystal pendulum.
I've tried it out in which i think is the correct way correct me if i'm wrong for yes clockways for no anti clockways and for an answer it can't answer backwards and forwards.
what i really want to know is can it be correct in what it tells you? or is your mind controling the answers. i know it can find lost items but i was also told it can give you accurete answers to a yes or no question. do you think this is true has dowsing predtions for you been true. what do you lot think? and please no odd answers

It's very easy to control the answers you get, try asking a question you know to be true, but keep repeating 'no' in your head, the pendulum will swing to the 'no' answer. It picks up minute tremors in your arm and hand and then swings accordingly.

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