Crystal Reiki

by admin on July 24, 2004

Crystal Reiki

Crystal Reiki

Free Healing Now / Learn Reiki Today

For healing RIGHT NOW, be open to receiving the healing visit my website and sit in front of the picture and you will receive healing.

HEALING CIRCLE - As featured in NW Magazine & BBC Radio

I’ve been a Reiki Master for over 6 years and the healing I do each day in my healing circle is Reiki healing / Psychic healing/surgery. When I took on the role as a healer, I NEVER for one minute wanted to make people feel better, I wanted to cure them.

You will not find this kind of healing anywhere else on this planet. I heal on a cellular level and heal the mind, body, spirit and soul.

I remove all blockages from the body excellent as a preventative measure if something is underlying and you are not aware of it until you start with the symptoms, it would be eliminated before you knew anything about it!

Balancing the body and putting it back onto the correct vibration that nature intended.

I obtain the best and healthiest levels possible for everyone. Any disease or illness ALL started with ONE NEGATIVE THOUGHT. What disease we brought on ourselves, we are certainly, with a little help from Holistic therapies, capable of removing and eliminating. When your emotional conditions improve, you are well on the way to recovery! The psychic surgery, doesn't involve any physical operation that is not necessary. I do all this painlessly and quickly with the mind. No tablets or after effects involved whatsoever or recovery time. Only feelings of improvement, love, happiness and general well being.

Why not take advantage of my Healing Circle and join today for 20.00 for CONSTANT Healing for 1 YEAR. Improve your health and well-being today, join the healing circle and feel the difference.

Learn Reiki TODAY. Usui Reiki 1 attunement to enable you to heal yourself and others ONLY £30 including certificate and detailed manual. Reiki 2 £50 & Reiki Master £150

Looking to teach Reiki? ALL Usui levels 1, 2 & Master ONLY £200 including manuals, certificates, linear chart and ongoing support. For more details visit

For Free healing now, information advice and suggestions on how to improve your health and change your life, all simple, all free visit

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Crystal Healing with Sekhem Reiki Energy Animal Healing, my cat love it very much!!!

Can you recommend to me a credible Manila-based Reiki & Crystal Reiki practioner who can provide instructions?

Please open Yahoo! Search, which can be reached at :
Type ‘Reiki & Crystal Reiki practioner+Manila’ into its ‘Search’ panel, and click on ‘Enter’.
Several pages of site listings giving details and links of websites of such practioners, who can provide instructions, will be presented to you. Go through them, one by one, and choose what suits your specific needs best.
Happy hunting !

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