Crystal Swirled

by admin on November 2, 2002

Crystal Swirled

Crystal Swirled

Wedding Jewellery – Gorgeous Bridal Tiaras and Headpieces

Wedding jewellery is incomplete without matching tiaras and hair accessories. There is now a wide range of these accessories available online made by renowned designers and jewellery makers all over the world. Handmade tiaras and other bridal jewellery articles are stunning and one-of-a-kind. Beautiful brooches, hair clips, barrettes, hair combs, headbands and ponytail holders can be found in this category. These items serve to complement and enhance the beauty of a bride. Diamond, gemstone, CZ and crystal tiaras and headpieces are available out there for brides of all ages. These accessories are not very expensive and can be bought for $10 to $40 a piece.

Bridal headpieces are quite noticeable and should be chosen with care. They should match with other jewellery articles as well as the dress. Tiaras also serve to complement the bridal outfit, whether it’s traditional or modern. These accessories are sometimes complemented with a veil. They are often made beautiful and attractive by using various types of crystals, rhinestones, fresh water pearls and Austrian Swarovski crystals. You can find tiaras in three categories: crystal, pearl and gold. Silver tone tiaras in the crystal category look lovely and gorgeous. These accessories are available in the price range of $100 - $200.

Pearl tiaras in wedding jewellery are not very expensive either. Complementing hair combs and pins can also be found in this category. Designer tiaras are available out there which are totally unique and extremely beautiful. Colored stone tiaras in lovely colors such as pink, maroon, rose, black, orange and blue can be bought to match with the gown. Gold and silver tone wedding accessories are quite reasonably priced and useful. Many brides like to wear these items because they easy to handle and care for. The Cinderella Collection of tiaras and other wedding accessories is unique and truly magnificent.

Color accent wedding jewellery can be browsed to locate wonderful headpieces and tiaras. These articles are composed of semi-precious gemstones and crystals and are quite inexpensive. Gold tiaras and combs are also reasonably priced. A lovely gold headband can be bought for as low as $50. Majesty, Melody and Angel tiaras are loved by brides of all ages and they look stunning. You may find many designs in this category including elegant handmade items and luxurious accessories. Bouquet jewellery for the brides is also quite common and it is composed of crystal flower, crystal solitaire, crystal swirl, and crystal heart bouquet jewellery.

When it comes to wedding jewellery, brides want to buy unique and extremely beautiful accessories. Among the most common jewellery articles, tiaras and headbands are very popular and widely used. In addition to weddings, tiaras are also worn on proms, pageants, anniversaries and other parties. Flower girls are required to wear tiaras and matching jewellery to complete the look. Many types of these accessories can therefore be found in all price ranges. Tiara jewellery sets and tiara scepter sets can also be located which are composed of matching necklaces, earrings and hair pins. Multipurpose and attractive crowns and headbands are practical and affordable choices.

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What do you think of this poem i wrote when i was 11?

i wrote it for homework when we were asked to write a poem about snow. At the time i thought it was great but reading it a few years on, i think i was i bit up myself at 11.

Droplets of elegance, twirling, swirling
Dancing with the wind
Settle softly, gently forming
A white carpet on the ground
It brings with it a serene silence
As if it sends the world to sleep
And it morphs the world’s common possessions
Into beauties, atypical
Cold as heartache but pleasure filled
Like a pair of deceitful eyes
That drag you into a crisp white bliss
Then cruelly penetrate your joy
Just like those eyes of treachery
The white crystals of fun
Hold an element of danger
Danger destructive and murderous
Flurries of fun become blizzards of fury
Devouring buildings and mankind alike
Suffocating cities, towns and country
And no more delight is seen
Droplets of elegance, twirling, swirling
Dancing with the wind
Settle over the body of one gone
And the terror of millions.

That poem is a prizewinner! If you really wrote when you were 11, I'd sure like to see what you write now. By the way, how old are you now? You have an amazing talent. It's hard to believe you were only 11 when you wrote this, but whatever age you were, it's awesome! You must have been a child prodigy! Most 11-year-olds do not have that advanced vocabulary, or the ability to put thoughts into words like that. I'm impressed!

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