Fluorite Crystal

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Fluorite Crystal

Fluorite Crystal

Luminous Jade And Luminescent Pearl

Luminous jade and luminescent pearl

Luminous jade and luminescent pearl treasures are one of Chinese history, ancient discourse very complicated. But they anyway? Different views to date. Hereby briefly summary as follows.

(1)   luminous jade

Luminous Jade (Luminous jade or Yeguang jade), the name suggests, is in the dark to luminous jade.

Jade is able to produce luminous "night", so far at least two interpretations: ① jade and jade in the night, natural light, free from artificial influences. ② no natural light jade or jade, but in the light irradiation of light. Especially in the china jewelry wholesae magic cup after being distracted by wine and then shake glass, lighting glass and wine together on with the flashing, resulting in "light" effect.

Used in luminous jade production of jade materials - luminous jade from Northwest China generally believed.

(2)   luminescent pearl

Night Pearl (Luminous bead), the name suggests, is in the dark to light, Chu Web results appear bright effect.

After investigation and research today, it gradually raised the Earth's crust can be used to produce luminescent pearl of materials such as diamond, fluorite, quartz, zircon, spodumene and other purple. Original, natural gem mineral crystals to heat, friction and cathode-ray, ultraviolet, X-ray and other irradiation Jieneng a certain color of visible light emission. If the motivating gemstone wholesaler factor when the role of the minerals, the minerals that produce luminous phenomenon, and when to stop stimulating factor role, the light phenomenon that is fast disappearing, namely, "fluorescent." If the stop function when the motivating factor, the minerals in the longer period could continue to light, namely, "phosphorescence." Gem mineral composition was able to light because mineral crystal particles (atoms or ions) in the role by stimulating factors, their outer electrons caused by the transition. Crust in diamond, fluorite and other precious stones will have the light-emitting properties. For example, Shenzhen Jinyu collection of works of art investment company, once a quality night out fluorite stones (also known as "Night Akashi" or "Night Pearl"), and in July 6, 1996 in Beijing to invite China and the Chinese cultural gem association Research Council Institute of jade experts were identified. The night out gems like the original stone was ingot length 19 cm, height 10 cm, 10 cm thick and weighs 2418 grams; to dark green main display glass luster, transparent to translucent. It is heat or light in the dark after the light, strong light when the china jewelry wholesae whole body. In this light, the printed word can be seen within 10 centimeters, 10 meters away can still see light green to white light.


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