Gemstone Pendant

by admin on January 5, 2003

Gemstone Pendant

Gemstone Pendant

Other Colored Gemstones Unknown To the World-VIII


Onyx has derived its name through Latin from Greek onyx. It means ‘claw’ or ‘fingernail’. Unlike the characteristic belief carried by almost all gemstones, onyx is not a good-willed mineral crystal.

This quartz crystal is rich in mythological info too. It is believed not suitable to young lovers. Wearing this gem quality would disrupt love life of a person increasing a discord amongst two people. Bringing a strong hatred among friends, it could bring bad dreams and sleep-breaks to the possessor.

Its hardness falls on 7 Mohs’ on scale. Its fair durability makes it a favorite amongst cutters. Beautiful specimens of onyx carved jewelry have been seen since ancient times. Available in splendid color bands of white, tan, and brown, this interesting stuff is seen banded semi translucent to opaque.

Straight type bands are seen in onyx whereas curved banding is seen in another variant of quartz. It is known as agate. Today, most often, chalcedony is dyed black, and used as “black onyx”.


Can a volcanic waste material be treated like a gemstone? Yes, it’s possible as obsidian. Obsidian is actually the outcome of a cooled off highly viscous volcanic lava flow.

It is not any mineral type but a polymerized glass which is dark in color. Appearing in a semi translucent to opaque glass, it reflects colors like black, gray, dark green, red, yellow and pink. There is a smoky brown effect in the igneous rock too.

It is quite a fragile one with hardness of 5Mohs’ on scale. Another variety known as snowflake obsidian displays white spots which resemble snowflakes combined to each other. It is actually white radially accumulated crystals of cristobalite in the black glass. Another interesting variety is a pattern of a golden shine or rainbow sheen. This is the result of the gas bubbles remaining from the lava flow before being cooled.

Obsidian’s molecular sharpness at the edges has been a very useful feature for early men. In Stone Age, it was an effective weapon to hunt. It was used as sharp blade to cut or arrowheads. Also, used to polish mirrors.

The above talked precious gemstones have been known for years. However, as ages passed they lost their populace according to fashion and demand.

Nevertheless, time always changes. The prophecy is that they are sure going to make a comeback this season in the form of fashionable gateways.

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How do I glue a gemstone cabochon to a pressed glass setting?

How do I glue a gemstone cabochon to a vintage pressed glass pendant setting?
Do I need to prime the setting by abrading or sanding it first?

No, you should only have to clean both thoroughly and keep your bare fingers off the surface. Use E6000 or the related GOOP firm setting silicone adhesives which can be used as contact cements to grab quickly.

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