Gemstone Skull

by admin on May 3, 2009

Gemstone Skull

Gemstone Skull

Rock & Roll Biker Outlaw 925 Sterling Silver Gothic Tribal Biker Skull Jewelry

As a man you may face a time when you need jewelry. Women aren’t the only individuals who need a good necklace or bracelet in order to highlight an outfit. While men may not need the stud or hoop earrings, they can benefits from a simple necklace or bracelet. Most men worry about appearing overdressed when it comes to jewelry. This is why men’s silver jewelry is the perfect solution. Silver jewelry for men is both masculine and stylish.

Silver jewelry is never overdressed. Even better it is reasonable priced without being gaudy or tasteless. Silver jewelry can be used to compliment any outfit whether it be a formal tuxedo or a casual work suit. Silver jewelry can be worn with any outfit or anywhere, even to the gym. Silver jewelry is a great way to get noticed and look cool on your nights out whether they are formal or just a night out on the town with the guys.

For men silver jewelry can also be the perfect complement to any personality. It is no surprise that silver jewelry is now increasing in popularity among men. You can find men’s silver jewelry everywhere today and is now a main aspect of most of men’s fashion. Men’s silver jewelry comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The most popular form of silver jewelry among men today is customized chains or necklaces. With this option you can get a customized piece of jewelry designed specifically to meet your personality or style. While personalized jewelry can be a bit more expensive than retail silver jewelry is can often be worth the cost. So next time you are need to a highlight to your outfit, consider finding a cheap piece of men’s silver jewelry. You won’t be disappointed in the responses and admiration you receive. 

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Can I put these crystals in my tank?

I want to make sure my pH levels and nitrate and all the chemical balances are perfect. I want to have some of my pretty crystals in the tank for I think it will go well with the scenery. I have three crystals I would like, the research I've done is conflicting so I want to know which would work. I have an "aura opalized quartz crystal titanium treated" a "Pink Rose Quartz Poin Skull Gemstone Crystal" which is 6 pounds and a "Titanium quartz iridescent rainbow aura crystal" I know that plain quartz goes well but will any of these be safe to put in the tank? Also, will the colorization stay in these crystals if I leave them in the water? They have beautiful sheen and color and I wouldn't want them to lose any of it.
Does it matter if the vinegar is distilled or not? Because I put a drop of distilled white vinegar on my titanium treated crystal and nothing happened!

Quartz is usually safe, and won't alter your pH at all. It's actually used for plenty of substrates.

Just make sure you clean it in boiling water first.

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