Green Aventurine

by admin on May 27, 2007

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine

Using Crystals to Heal the Heart

The heart chakra defines our own internal space as well as our connection to everything on the planet around us. And green is the color of nature, the force connected with expansion and space. Green rocks and crystals can assist the establishment of balance for us so we can live harmoniously together with the entire world without repressing our own desires. They can also heal by helping to break down the barriers that keep us trapped in the conditions and restrictions of our character. There are plenty of crystals, and stones, many green, that function effectively to stabilize one's heart chakra energies and release peaceful and stabilizing energies.

A particular favorite is green aventurine, among the best general balancing rocks for the heart, because it acts without creating any disturbance and abrupt release. Aventurine forms while quartz is subjected to pressure, and heat, resulting in it melting and solidifying in big pieces, together with the inclusion of some other mineral deposits. It is these different minerals that provide aventurine its green shades. Aventurine has fuchsite mica or luster bits of hematite as well as pyrite, which catch the light and make it simple and easy to recognize. This distinguishes it from green jasper. The inclusion of these other minerals actually has a grounding influence which then contributes to the stabilizing attributes in the stone.

Green tourmaline, often known as verdelite, varies from very light green to very deep green, virtually black. The particular sodium quantity is what contributes to the main difference with tones of green. Tourmalines help to re-align the physical structures within the human body as well as our connection to the earth. The color green is what helps to tune tourmaline with the heart chakra and nature herself. Green minerals generally have the benefit of increasing our receptivity consequently inviting more tranquility and openness to surroundings and relationships.

Jade is popular as a green stone and its effect is to produce a sense of belonging. It can take one 'back to earth' from excessively mental and detached relation to the world and others. It has the benefit of bringing a sense of genuine linkage with the physical world and to others.

Emerald is recognized as a meditation aid. Originating from a green variety of beryl, it can help detoxify the body, balance the heart, and assist in relieving stress and anxiety.

Moss agate, a variety of chalcedony, is known to relieve the tensions that underlie the strain and tightness associated with a feeling of being stuck. These feelings can result in tightness around the heart and restrained breathing. Moss agate, with its clear or transparent quartz actually contains crystal development of manganese oxides, hornblende, or iron in several hues of green and brown. It is primarily this quality that implies the ability to grow, increase, and breathe. This can be a good stone for increasing self-confidence, optimism, and openness to nature.

Bloodstone is a well known and favorite stone by reason of its beneficial effects for the heart and blood circulation. Previously it was thought to be effective in healing injuries and troops would in fact carry it into battle. Bloodstone is also known as heliotrope, and, since it has a combination of red and green, it can cause both adequate energy and adequate calmness.

There are several additional stones that can be used for a healing on the heart, and a lot more methods to make use of stones and crystals for this purpose. The tone from the quartz crystal singing bowls is particularly powerful and deep for heart healing. This is just a cursory glimpse at green stones and heart healing.

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any suggestions for really good gemstones/crystals during pregnancy?

so far i've been using red calcite, ulexite and sometimes blue topaz *december baby* oh, and i think the baby really likes green aventurine.
i fear using some stones because i'm really sensitive to their energies and i don't want to irritate the baby with too much/too strong energy. i realized this when i discovered fulgurite...way too strong for pregnancy.

Rose quartz can raise your sense of well-being, love and improves self-image (when your new body gives you the blues) so it has to be good for the baby! Aquamarine is soothing and relaxing, bloodstones and hematite increase circulation (a MAJOR plus in pregnancy), diamonds for courage (in delivery), galena for iron deficiency, moonstone for love and happiness, onyx helps aid adjustment to new surroundings (labor room!), peridot for positive outlook, pyrite for general good health, and clear quartz for luck.

Need more??? I have TONS! LOL

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