Green Jade

by admin on August 21, 2007

Green Jade

Green Jade

Distinguishing the voices jade jade


Recently, the Poly Guangzhou hosted the first auction site jewelry auction night, the auction house's "treasure of the town of Field" - "Violet Jade Four set the" high price of 3.9 million yuan were bought by Hong Kong collector, so that the general Investors see huge collection of potential color jade, purple, red and white jade jewelry supplier recently in Guangzhou are steadily bullish market prices.

more expensive but less carving jade

Four set the high price of jade shoot together, the "Spring scenery unlimited good", color uniform, fine texture, smooth and flawless, very high transparency. Even more rare is one of the necklace from the 29's with the color jade bead in series, collections of full huge, Zhuyuanyurun, diameter of 1.2 cm to 1.3 cm in between.

Guangdong Academy of Geological Sciences of the item Yin standard director believes that the high jadeite jade family of four with two basic characteristics, namely, no surface defects, a good value, expensive materials as jade, carved or less is not always possible eagle, only to escape the natural jade material defects only had to resort to carving. Second, showing a rare elegant red purple, purple to red violet jade jade in the top grade, blue-violet jade is beneath contempt, but most of all for the blue-purple jade purple.

Jinsheng jade is authentic

Theoretically, the old saying "Red is green jade, green for the Green" Green is just a synonym for green jade, china gemstone wholesaler jade can also be formed through the natural weathering of purple, white part of the surface weathering in the formation of yellow to brown color that Some called Fei.

The face of recent market popular color jade, white jade, the color of their own ups and downs as obvious as green jade, stone can be fabricated in the hybrid variety, not so easy to identify the.

Xiang Yin teaches us to use the standard director of the common identification of these three methods Jade, three conditions are indispensable: First, "the voices" were listening to the real emerald sound when struck with a hard crisp sound device, showing metallic sound, and miscellaneous Jade loose structure, percussion sound boring when; second look at its texture, really soft jade color, Guangrun bright, fine texture, colored translucent jade in particular shows, and not fully transparent or opaque, the internal tiny naked eye can see grain; three bright flashlight can be transmitted through the past, if we find the surface color of ups and downs and orderly, the first color colored tail, shades of the transition into a striped spot for jade, the color evenly distributed among the fracture compared with low-cost hybrid Yu.

The most difficult identification of jade and white than white, both are superior jade, the color differentiation is not easy to see, listen for the sound of the Methods. There is also available "Air Kazakhstan" was detected. White Jade density, towards the Ha breath, you are immediately seen in the china jewelry wholesale condensation of water droplets, while the white is mostly used to impersonate cheap jade, beads of water condensation is not obvious. However, the market is looking for false "value profiteering", now posing little white with white jade collectors do not have too much tension.


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