Heart Crystal

by admin on January 25, 2007

Heart Crystal

Heart Crystal

A Guide to Using Feng Shui Crystals to Heal and Improve Energy

Now I need you to rethink a stereotype. Crystals. Yes, they look good on jewellery and yes drinking wine from them is an especially opulent experience, but the Chinese have had a use for crystals for generations for more than their aesthetic appeal. Introducing the feng shui crystal.

What Can Feng Shui Crystals Do?

This is a wondrous item that can heal the wounds of emotional scarring, create energy to bring in luck and fortune and to improve the overall health, mental and physical of anyone wielding them. In Chinese art and science, feng shui crystals are tools that dampen chaos and unleash bad energy, creating calm and peace around us so that we are more in tune with nature.

Crystals come in various shapes and sizes, as well as different forms. The earth produces natural crystals; you can spot them easily by their imperfect surfaces and often cloudy appearances. There are crystals that have fallen from the sky (not the stuff of fiction, but probably meteors compressed by extreme heat) and those produced in a laboratory.

Crystals have an inherent current flowing through them, an enforced energy that runs through their sub structure like electricity. Scientists call this the piezoelectric effect - a sort of minute vibrations that are testament to the crystals energy. This amazing fact about crystals is just that - undeniable scientific fact, and it is this effect that gives these natural jewels their uncanny power, a power that the Chinese have tapped upon to great benefit.

What are the Benefits of Crystals?

Healing and improving energy might be just too general a description for you readers so I will get into the specifics of their amazing abilities. For example, in Feng Shui, rose quartz crystals are used specifically to enhance the energies of love and emotion, enhancing and improving the love and romance of two people. It can also mend the scars of a broken heart. It is these vibrations, these piezoelectric effects with specific regularities of currents that resonate with matters of the heart.

Ammonite crystals, which are more often associated with the 'Chi Lin' a strange and wondrous ancient creature that emanates with good and healthy energy. This is because the patterns and intricate designs of the crystal closely match that of the creature and this crystal has frequencies that affect the most powerful muscle in the body - the brain. Wisdom is a common benefit of using these crystals and some Chinese masters have also attributed it to riches, prosperity as well as the ability for mothers to bear illustrious and strong sons.

Speaking about wealth, natural starlite citrine spheres are a great choice if you want to increase your wealth energies. Citrine attracts wealth luck into your life. They are also known to be able to enhance your self-esteem, motivation, creativity and confidence.

This brief overview is simply that - an overview. You should do more research and ask around for more advice and tips on feng shui crystals because the range and the possibilities for improving your life through crystals are wide and far reaching. Now that the jewels of Chinese luck creation have come to Western shores, you should get a piece of the action today.

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