Jasper Massage

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Jasper Massage

Jasper Massage

Chinese Jade And The Relationship Between Good Health

Chinese jade and the relationship between good health

Jade is processed by the gem minerals, precious stones generally have four characteristics, beautiful: crystal bright, dazzling; durable: texture hard, durable; rare: less production, has some value; small size, stylish, easy to carry. There are thousands of natural minerals, which have a beautiful, durable and suitable for processing as only a hundred kinds of jade, and jewelry can do is only ten species.

Jade usually include jade, jasper, Jing Bai, and nephrite, jade, Xiu jade, white and blue jade, topaz, blue nephrite, Beijing and other powder Tsui. Chemical composition of the stone, mainly sodium, calcium, magnesium, aluminum and other trace elements in silicate composed of water. Jade is formed in the crystallization of china gemstone wholesaler igneous rocks; metamorphic rocks at high temperature melting re-crystallization and the formation of these two effects by the formation of the jade, and then by water erosion, transport and after deposition, and formation of gravel mixed sand jade ore deposition mine.

Jade color variety, such as the white is pure white the most expensive but flawless suet fine jade; green is the emerald treasure, pure green, shades appropriate for the top grade, may be green holly leaves by the sun after rain The mapping showed the green green is the best. Others include black, gray, yellow, red, and other colors, but no time to require transparent, thin and are moist, translucent, small size for the high quality goods. Jade produced in China is the world's most ancient and most famous national, national gem varieties have been found 58, 270 multiple origin, mainly in Yunnan, Xinjiang, Guangxi and Henan and other places.

China since ancient times, "Jade Country," the reputation, the ancients regarded jade as something precious, as Jane decorative wear, such as the 1951 Huaian Ching Lin Kong found a batch of five thousand years ago with high technological level of jade Jewelry.

China jade carving craft has 3000 years of history, the arts of fine, name as many have already known in the world, such as the 1976 Anyang Yin Ruins excavated brutality jade; in 1968 Hebei city is excavated at gold engraving jade vest, with more than 2000 pieces Xiaoyu tablet made of the four corners of each piece of jade with a hole, put together with money to each other, reflecting 2000 years ago in ancient China jewelry supplier superb jade cutting and processing refined skills; also the Yuan dynasty, Beijing City Mission North Sea jade urn, Palace re-Yu Wan jin's "Da Yu" Jade Mountain, are recognized the world priceless.

Chinese ancient medical book called "Jade is a beautiful stone, sweet and flat non-toxic", and that jade is the most abundant body stocking material strength. Therefore not only as a jade lock jade, jade plate means, bracelets, anklets, lanyards, snuff bottles, as well as decorations, decorating, health fitness is also used. Since ancient times, all toward each emperor concubines health separated from jade, Yucheng Wei, fresh air, Huizong L. Yucheng addiction, Yang Yuhuan summer town with jade, jade was blowing and other holding the Empress Dowager Cixi.

Modern technology that jade containing zinc, magnesium, copper, selenium, chromium, manganese, cobalt and other trace elements beneficial to human body, often wearing jade trace elements which can be absorbed through the skin the body and help 人体各器官 physiological function coordination equilibrium. Some jade with daytime absorption, emission at the physical characteristics, when the jade spot targeting a point when the body can stimulate the meridians, and clear the dirty pulp, significant health care function. Dorsal wrist elderly have "pension points", wear a jade bracelet, can play the efficacy of massage can not only improve elderly blurred vision, but also build strength, raise the spirit. Mouth with jade, can make use of nutrients contained in the saliva of china gemstone the synergy with lysozyme can thirst, in addition to stomach heat, flat tired of melancholy, Zi Sheng throat, keep hair, build strength, raise the spirit.

Also, with the color of green jade and green jade made the U.S. wine, not only elegant, but also wine function, change the wine's structure, so that wine becomes sweet and mellow, Ruanmian palatability.


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