Lapis Lazuli

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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli jewelry

Lapis lazuli jewelry guarantees both the elegance and refinement one would desire from such objects. The deep blue color makes all items of jewelry look fantastic, the stone being said to enwrap one in mystery, magic and energy. A stone with wonderful characteristics, lapis lazuli will have a definitely effect on your abilities, being often recommended to be worn as a necklace, close to the heart. It even has healing properties.

Blue lapis lazuli rings are made from sterling silver as well, the golden speckles found in the deep blue of the stone being indeed something to remember. Elegant beyond any possible description, blue lapis lazuli rings add a touch of taste to any woman. There are American-southwest rings made to include such stones, not to mention other wonderful styles pertaining to such lapis lazuli jewelry. The earrings that are made from such gemstones and sterling silver are simply gorgeous, having different types and sizes of lapis lazuli stones and being handmade by experienced Indian artisans. A lot of lapis lazuli earrings have ethnic motifs but there are numerous items of jewelry that are made to fit the art-deco style.

The gemstones used for the making of American-southwest lapis lazuli earrings are oval shaped and always set in sterling silver. Art-deco earrings have intricate designs, the rich colored gemstones attracting ones attention from the first glance. Other models of lapis lazuli earrings remind one of times long gone, of elegant traditions and cultures, several types of gemstones being mixed for a unique result. The same goes when it comes to lapis lazuli necklaces, which are just as beautiful as any other type of lapis lazuli jewelry.

You can purchase one of the lovely lapis lazuli necklaces that has little gemstone beads separated by high-quality sterling silver. Online, there are recommendations made from all lapis lazuli jewelry and you should not wonder if you will be offered suggestions on choosing the right lapis lazuli earrings to match elegant bracelets. There are lapis lazuli necklaces with gemstones shaped as buttons, the bead size being as small as 6 mm and the length of the necklace reaching 36 inches. Speaking about necklaces, you can find such items of jewelry with smooth beads and double strands, made even more beautiful by adding real pearls.

We cannot recommend specific lapis lazuli jewelry as each and every item belonging to this category is simply beautiful. We could say a lot of things about the gemstone known as lapis lazuli but you should only know that the deep blue color has made it famous throughout various generations, nations and cultures. Blue lapis lazuli rings are without any question the most elegant items of jewelry you’ll ever wear, especially if you mix and match them with lapis lazuli earrings or beaded lapis lazuli necklaces!

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Lapis Lazuli mining in Sari-i-Sang in northern Afghanistan

what are the benefits are having lapis lazuli around?

Lapis Lazuli when worn aids your inner vision, its element is the wind, and it also helps with your 6th Chakra (third eye) and your 5ht Chakra (throat)...In Latin it means, blue stone...
It is a stone said to have existed since before "time was born", assisting one in gaining admission to the domain of the unknown mysteries of the sacred texts and the esoteric ideas and enhancing wisdom to understand the information... It further allows one to gain access to, and to explore, the esoteric planetary knowledge...
The ancient Egyptians used Lapis Lazuli as far back as 3,100 BCE, on their sarcophaguses and also in jewelery...
In Light... )O(

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