Mexican Opal

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Mexican Opal

Mexican Opal

Bring Luck into Your Life with Opal Gemstone

Gems are precious or semi precious stones and have high economic value. There are many types of gem stones like diamond, sapphires, rubies, emerald, pearls, corals, opal etc. The most colorful of all gems is the opal. Most opals are found in Australia and it is considered as the National Gemstone of Australia. The play of color changes whenever the opal is viewed in different angles. Such opals are called as precious opals. Opals can be found in many varieties. Some of them are black opal, white opal, blue opal, crystal opal, jelly opal, lemon opal, Mexican fire opal, cherry opal, precious fire opal, yellow opal and water opal.

There are different birthstones for every month and October opal means that the birthstone for people born in the month of October is rainbow colored opal. It is said to bring love, luck and creativity for people born in this month. Australian opal gemstone is very popular all over the world, and today Australia is the most important supplier of fine opal worldwide. Opal stones which is a symbol of happiness, hope and truth is called the Queen of gemstones.

The rarest and the most valuable of all Australian opals is the black opal, with dark blue, dark green or black background. This opal comes from Lightning Ridge Australia in New South Wales. White opal also known 'milky opal' has a white, cream, yellow colored body. This opal is more common than black opal. White opals are found in South Australia. The Mexican fire opal is a stunning orange-red colored gem and it is the National gem stone of Australia.

Another valuable gemstone is the diamond. Diamonds are used in many types of diamond accessories like rings, pendants, necklaces, watches etc. Have you heard of opal pearl? Well, it is not a gem as you think, but it is the name of marble used in construction.

So the next time you are in Australia, make sure you buy an Australian opal for yourself, which is available as loose and even uncut gems or you can buy them as opal rings, opal pendent, opal earrings, opal broaches, opal bracelets or any other type of jewelry. They are not only very precious souvenirs but they have great healing powers. It is said to have the powers to control your insulin level, purifies your blood and kidney, good for eyes and strengthens your immune system. So wear an opal and you can live a healthy life!!!

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How do you clean the rock away from a gemstone?

I went on a cruise to Mexico and got some Mexican Fire Opal and I want to get the rock that surrounds it off.

How do I clean it?

Determine what the surrounding rock is composed of and try to find a specific solvent for this material, but be very careful, as sometimes the solvent will attack both matrix and gemstone. Fire opal is very soft and easily damaged, so best to not use a solvent at all but rather grind off the surrounding matrix VERY CAREFULLY using hand tools and lots of patience. You can use a high speed sintered diamond burr in a Foredom - type grinder as long as you use a constant cool water drip on your burr during the process. Use safety glasses during this process absolutely..

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