Natural Agate

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Natural Agate

Natural Agate

Ancient Agate Intangible Tangible Victory


The specific shape of the Chinese agate

China's vast land, nature's treasures, a variety of rocks in different styles and customs of thousands. Agate rocks, unique, is China rocks Court in a bright wonderful work.

According to Zhang Hong-chiu, "china gemstone Ya," a book research: Agate origin of the name as "Joan Rose," "Dan Qiong", "Red King" ... ... Bamboo in: "Zhou for King Room, Legislative Yumen" records. "Agate" is, first seen last Shigao the translation of the Eastern Han Dynasty, "A sub-shan Di Seven that by" the book. Buddhist love of esteem on the agate, so that "agate" The Borrowed the term come from behind, still in use.

China rocks in a long history, limited by various reasons, preserved works are rare in this regard. Song with the "Yunlin Stone spectrum", which is the oldest existing one rocks in the monograph, the book describes 116 species of rocks, of which 8 is the agate stone, the largest proportion. Can be seen in the Song, agate is already a kind of ornamental stones that people loved.

Ming Lin Youlin from their homes in the reservoir rocks in the pool building, its written by the "prime spectrum of garden stone," a book, illustrated, is a rare rocks in the monograph.

The Republic of China Mr. Zhang Lunyuan author of "Man Shek Chai Ling rock spectrum" and "10000 Stone House Marble spectrum." As we all know, to small and exquisite stone known for its colorful, transparent texture were mostly agate, agate gravel is a book on the production in Luhe County, Jiangsu Yuhua agate texture, color, texture, symbolism, nomenclature, tasting and display of appreciation are introduced. Yuhua agate collection in research, attained great achievements.

Determined on the value of agate stone, "Georgia should be of the ancient" contains: "Agate more north to south Fan, Zephaniah also. Non-non-jade china gemstone wholesaler, firm and crisp, Lee Knife is not moving. Including birds, animals , people who form the most expensive "records.

In addition, the "Museum to view" also wrote "non-rock non-agate jade, a class of naturally. Red, white, black, 3 species have patterns such as those who wrapped wire. Person who is playing well in small things, big who study them for the equipment ... ..., bird and flower forms are the most valuable. "

Modern geological surveys have proved that China's resource-rich agate, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Xinjiang and other places have produced. Agate mining has a long history in western Liaoning, it will be produced here, agate called "Jinzhou Stone." Early 90s of last century, an agate processing heat in the "agate village" of Fuxin rise, its practitioners are a number of local farmers. As a beginner first practice, not good at sculpture, they did just agate cut into plates, sheets, made of wafer cards for sale. Agate Brand is a cheap and good accessories, marketing all over the country. From 1994 to 1998, the production and marketing is the heyday of agate slice, agate slice day of trading were tens of thousands of small pieces, for a long time up to ten million units. More things, it is inevitable to pick and choose, people in the selection, and found some pictographic patterns: some, such as landscapes, flowers, and some people like animals, some like text ... ... Of course, not every piece of agate are pictographic patterns , the author in a workshop jewelry supplier where it took two days, turned on the territory's nearly 30,000 agate, have failed to identify a value with a good collection of films to. If any collection everywhere, it is not surprising, Suddenly, this is the rocks charm.

Some people say, agate slice is good, but it cut through the manual polishing, fails to natural resistance. Profile control stone treasure hunters, since ancient times with them. Spring and Autumn Period, that piece of priceless "and the bi's," is an old piece of Jade and get cut open. It's piece and bi, in the interpretation of Chinese history scenes out of popular legend. "Yunlin rock spectrum," the book records the piece of the "Dragon"-shaped pattern of agate rocks, does not it took was discovered after grinding it? Marble, agate slice rocks, wit and heaven. This cutting polish, like opening doors and windows, as people glimpse the mystery of the stone. They are the same people who seek eggs from the river rocks on mountain rivers, with the same purpose, but is found in the process, method was different.


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where can i find natural agate deposits?

There is a big agate deposit occureing in eastern Utah, by a little goast town named Cysco, just south of the interstate. It runs east and west for miles...the locals call it 'pigon blood agate' is gem quality stuff.
There are 'moss agate out crops in Wyo, along the Sweetwater river, on the west and south side of the Wind river range...thats is gem quality also.
Agate is faily common out here..and elsewhere as well..ask your local gem store for areas near you..there are litterally hundreds of sites all over the country where it is common.

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