Natural Quartz

by admin on July 17, 2004

Natural Quartz

Natural Quartz

Natural Stone Countertops For Your Kitchen

Natural stone offers a beauty that is hard to match with any other material. There are several advantages to using natural stone. For starters, natural stone brings a rich elegant appearance to a room. It is also durable and luxurious. Each piece of natural stone is unique and there are a lot of different options to choose from. Also, most natural stone materials come in a variety of finishes.

If you have decided that you would like to invest in a natural stone countertop, make sure to take the time to choose the one that will work best for your needs. Don't just go for looks alone because practicality is just as important, if not more. Pay attention to the level of maintenance that each material requires, such as regular staining or oiling. Some stone is virtually maintenance-free. Below you will find the various natural stone materials compare:


Granite offers great benefits. Not only is it a beautiful surface, granite is also extremely heat and scratch resistant, very durable and it incredibly long lasting. Granite will never go out of style so there is rarely a need to replace it. Furthermore, granite is available in deep, rich colors with a polished finish that won't wear off. Keep in mind, granite is porous so it will require resealing about once a year.


Marble countertops are becoming a popular choice because they are smooth, elegant and cool to the touch. They offer an exceptional and stylish look. Marbles is also perfect for food preparations. It is the serious baker's choice for rolling dough and making pastries. As far as durability is concerned, marble falls short of granite and it also requires more sealing maintenance to protect it from staining.


Soapstone, which is composed primarily of the mineral talc, lends itself well to both contemporary and more traditional "country" kitchens. Soapstone's inert nature means acids won't etch the material, and stains can be easily sanded out - although many homeowners view them as part of the character. It needs to be treated with a mineral oil to bring out its dark, rich color and make it shine.


Slate stands out in a kitchen because it is very durable and has such a unique surface. It is available in tones of gray, green, purple and black. Unlike granite and marble, slate doesn't require much sealing protection, but some maintenance is still required. If a scratch is made in the slate, it can usually be removed by rubbing the scratch with a damp sponge. Deeper scratches can be buffed out by using steel wool.


Natural quartz compares to slate in appearance, but does not stain or scratch as easily. You also have the option of installing engineered quartz which has been gaining popularity as well. However, the costs are considerably more. Engineered quartz consists of a quartz composite product mixed with epoxy, polymers, and small stones or pebbles.


Limestone countertops provide lovely solutions in both your kitchen and your bath. However, there needs to be an eye kept on it because it is very porous and spills must be caught and treated quickly to prevent staining. Some people really enjoy limestone's natural, weathered look that deepens and darkens over time. The down side to limestone is that is can be quite pricey at times because of its weight and you are also limited to a selection of what is being quarried at the time.

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Is play sand for sand pits safe?

I'm looking for play sand for my daughters sand pit, but I've read so many scary stories about a lot of play sand containing termolite (a form of human carcinogenic asbestos) and crystalline silica, both of which can cause serious lung disease. I know shops wouldn't sell stuff the would damage our children, but you never know?! I would rather get natural (ie. stuff that looks like it comes from the beach) rather than stuff made from quarried quartz. Have you got play sand, if so where did you get it. I live in Scotland.

no i have maintained its not for years and have mentioned it to the authorities but through the years its remained the same so I assumed i could be wrong

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