Natural Red

by admin on April 29, 2005

Natural Red

Natural Red

Natural Looking Summer Highlights for Sunkissed Hairstyles

 When you want to update your look without getting a new cut or hair color, highlights and lowlights are the best option. It makes a big difference, but you can still keep you natural hair color and your style will look refreshed. It will boost your hair and give a volumizing effect, providing a youthful look. Highlights are always in tend, with natural colors or multicolor shades. This doesn't mean that you have to get a rainbow in your head, just that several shades of a single color can make a more sophisticated look.

 The sun adds naturally highlights to your hair, but you can fasten up the procedure by having them dyed in your hair at any point of the summer. Get this volumizing illusion and the lightening effect for a sunkissed looking hair. 

Highlights for Blondes

For the most natural and soft look, blondes should go for honey shades, golden and any other shade that's warm. It will soften the look and give shine to your hair. It is an elegant mix in blonde hair color that makes the hair have the sun kissed look. Also, the warm shades provide a youthful illusion, so it is a good choice for the older women with gray hair to.

 Blondes can get lowlights to, if they want to darken their hair. It will make a sophisticated effect, but make sure it is a warm color and that the lowlights will be only a few shades darker than your hair color. If the contrast will be to high, it will make you look older. But considering that in summer, a sun kissed look is much more feminine, leave the lowlights for winter.

Highlights for Brunetes

 Brunettes can use highlights to emphasize a layered hairstyle and to add some light to the entire look. A dark hair can make you look older, but with some professionally made highlights your hair will look stunning. Just make sure there won't be to much contrast between the highlights and your natural hair color. Keep it only a few shades lighter than your color to get the most natural look. It will be more than visible even if you get the same color you have but in a lighter shade. As more subtle the highlights will be, the more intriguing your hair will look. You can even add some red shaded highlights that are auburn shaded. These streaks won't be visible, but they will make an interesting effect. 

Miley Cyrus with Caramel Highlights

Highlights for Redheads

 If you are a redhead, go for slightly visible golden shaded highlights. It will add shine and light to your look and provide you generous volume. Go for dark blondes, copper, golden shades, strawberry blondes or lighter shades of your natural red hair color. Thee shades will complement gracefully your red hair and add dimension to your hairstyle.

 Highlights are a great way to update your look and it is really easy to achieve. Find the color that complements your skin tone, get the closest shade to your natural hair color and get glamorous effects. The natural looking highlights are the most chic looks that provide an amazing shine and volume to your hair. Get a sunkissed hair with a couple of warm, almost unnoticeable highlights and enjoy your new hairstyle.

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Mikey plays with Red Sun

I used to have natural red highlights, how do I bring them back?

I have dark brown/auburn hair & very pale skin. I used to have natural red highlights that I always got compliments on. They seem to have faded away over the last two years, but it might have been just from lack of sun. How can I bring my red highlights back other than spending more time in the sun? Is there a natural way to just enhance them?

use products for redheads..

such as the john frieda line, it will help bring out your hightlights. i'm usuing it and my red highlights have come out natually a ton! good luck!

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