Obsidian Skull

by admin on July 1, 2003

Obsidian Skull

Obsidian Skull

Dior Kings and Queens Jewelry and Victoire de Castellane

The Kings and Queens Jewelry designed by Victoire de Castellane has been added to the Dior Joaillerie Collection.

As the first high jewelry design, Victoire de Castellane, a descendant of France Comtesse de Provence is famous for her brimming imaginations and romantic designs.

As early as the the design drawing were released, the Kings and Queens was given very high appreciation from western fashion circles. Now, the real jewelry works are 100% surprising hits.

The wedding rings features skulls wearing the crown of the King or       Queen. The skull are crafted from precious stones like opal, quartz and Obsidian. In my eyes, the jewelry collection is truly works of art, absolutely breathtaking, 100% royal and luxury with a mysterious horrific touch.

I really want to have one and step in to the grave of love.

About Victoire de Castellane

Victoire de Castellane was born in a French royal family. She worked in Chanel for 14 years before she was appointed Dior’s first leading high jewelry designer in 1998. Her imaginative jewelry works are highly popular in the industry. According to Victoire de Castellane, her creativities  comes from her own desires. She always thinks about what she wants and what she does not have. And the jewelry pieces take shapes in her mind when she thinking.

Until now, Victoire still imagines she was a princess wearing jewelry. And that is why her works are always full of fantastic touches of fairy tales. Her jewelry works have lots of inspirations sources such as nature world, children world, Hollywood movies, pass-by women fairy tales and many more

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World Of Warcraft How To Pets Ghostly Skull+Obsidian Hatchling

Is This a good yugioh deck?

Ok i made a light/dark deck tell me if its good and if i could improve it in anyways....

Obsidian Dragon X2
Kaiser Sea Horse X2
Andro Sphinx
Sphinx Teleia
Theinen The Great Sphinx
Swift Gaia The Fierce Knight
Summoned Skull
The Creator
Des Kangaroo
Cannon Soldier
Rapid Fire Magician
Wall of Illusion
The Creator Incarnate
Snipe Hunter
Maha Vailo
Archfiend Soldier
Mask Of Darkness


Magic Cylinder
Trap Hole
Raigeki Break
Sakaretsu Armor
Negate Attack
Pyramid of Light X2
Ultimate Offering
Shadow Spell
Draining Shield


Twin Sword of Flashing Light - Tryce
Mystical Space typhoon
Heavy Storm
Sword of Deep-Seated
Book of Moon
Soul Exchange
Wicked-Breaking Flamberge- Baou
Swords of Reavealing Light
Lucky Iron Axe
Lightning Vortex

So tell me if there are any improvements i can make! btw first best answer=Best Answer

Some of these cards I never heard of. What is your decks strategy or what is your Ultimate monster. I give this deck 8/10! Do you play Yu-Gi-Oh! Online?

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