Pendant Pendulum

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Pendant Pendulum

Pendant Pendulum

How To Divine The Future With Pendulums

A pendulum is a piece of string with a weight at the end. The weight makes the string move back and forth if it is even slightly nudged. Sometimes the pendulum moves with no effort on our part. This is believed to be the result of universal energies that are responding to our thoughts. This is termed divination, a ritual that is conducted to understand our past or determine our future.

From ancient times, people in most countries have tried to predict the future using various tools such as astrology, palmistry, numerology, etc. Pendulum divination is just one way of communicating with the cosmos to find our answers to some of our questions.

We can make our own pendulums with just a chain and a heavy pendant. It is best if the chain is of a natural metal or rope and the pendant is made of naturally created crystal. It may take a few attempts to understand how to communicate and gain guidance from other spiritual realms. The pendulum is believed to act as a conduit for signals from another world.

Some people believe that it is our higher self that is revealing the truth to us. Others believe that it is whom they consider God, or nature or spirits from other realms that are communicating with us. Some religions forbid people from trying to communicate or practice divination because they are afraid or ignorant of our true capabilities.

To practice pendulum divination, sit by a quiet, natural place and be completely at peace. Meditate if necessary to calm your mind. Hold the top of the chain and allow the pendulum to dangle and move naturally. As it comes to a standstill, ask simple questions to which you already know the answers. Some pendulums swing side to side and others go in a circular motion.

Ask a question similar to "Is today Sunday?" and watch the pendulum movements.
Interpret that movement as a "Yes" answer. Try a few more "Yes" questions and confirm that the same movement is repeated as you ask the questions.

Now ask some questions for which the answer is a "No". Again, watch the pendulum and learn its movements corresponding to the negative answers.

Sometimes the pendulum swings in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction for the "Yes" answer and swings back and forth for a "No" answer. Sometimes it doesn't move at all. Trying again may get you an answer.

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is it okay to wear these crystals together?

I recently bought a black obsidian pendant that I have been wearing for its protective qualities. I also ordered an amethyst pendulum which I received today. I want to wear it as well so that I can "connect" with the stone before I use it. But I don't want to stop wearing my obsidian! Is it okay to wear these crystals together? What kind of effect will that have on the properties of each and on me?
I know obsidian absorbs negative energy too. So will that just mean that they both absorb negativity and the obsidian will offer protection and strength and the amethyst will offer peace and comfort?

First... Obsidian doesn't absorb negative energy. It repels it, quite strongly. Obsidian is actually very good for setting up protective barriers. Jet on the other hand absorbs negative energy, so do most black stones. Obsidian is just unique. Obsidian is also good for grounding. If you feel particularly jittery, Obsidian can help you feel more grounded and focused.

As for Amethyst... Amethyst is the great neutralizer. You can place other stones on a bed of Amethyst to cleanse them. Amethyst absorbs negative energy, thus protects form it. Amethyst is also good soothing nerves. It is a calming stone and when upset, angry or afraid will help bring calming positive feelings and promotes courage. Because Amethyst also helps clear the mind it also brings wisdom, peace and can help enhance psychic potential.

I would say these are two excellent stones to wear together. The properties of the two stones would play off each other to not only protect you from negative energies but also two bring balance and wisdom into your life.

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