Point Gem

by admin on November 12, 2008

Point Gem

Point Gem

Using A Mind Gem To Achieve Success In Life

The search and use of a mind gem to achieve success in life is something critical for those who wish to push beyond various limitations in their lives. The fact is such a mind gem does not exist physically as in the form of a gem stone like that of rubies or sapphires, but rather of being able to use the mind much more effectively. According to Einstein, the average human being uses typically no more than ten percent of his or her brain at any point in time over his or her lifetime. Much of the other ninety percent of the human brain remains dormant and untouched. This ninety percent is often referred to as the subconscious mind. The effective use of a mind gem to achieve success in life entails making greater use of our subconscious minds to achieve success in life.

The first way to making better use of the gem in your mind would be to create a to-do-list. A good to-do-list should list down all the jobs that require your attention as well as the respective deadlines for each and every job. Such a list would allow you to have a clear view on what needs to be done when, as well as allowing you to prioritize and keep track of your progress. These would in turn keep your subconscious mind on an organized track, allowing you to focus on getting the job done.

Focusing on what you want in life means critically and consistently thinking of what you would want to achieve for that particular task you are doing at present. Having focus is important as it allows your subconscious mind to be given direction and instructions. Without focus, it is common for you to be distracted, often with the result of you not being able to realize what you set to achieve in the first place.

Additionally, you should feel your mind with an abundance of positive affirmations. It is very easy for human beings to fall into the common trap of blaming themselves when things do not go their way. Break out from it early! Stop what you have been doing for the past years of your life. Rather, use positive affirmations. For example, instead of saying "Why must this happen", say "How can I learn from this experience". By adopting positive affirmations, we close off any possible thoughts of future failures in our subconscious minds. At the same time, we acknowledge the ability on our part to be able to do a better job in the future. In any case, there is no point crying over spilt milk, what matters most is the road ahead of us.

Rounding things up, a mind gem is not something that can be given to us as a gift from a divine being, but rather is something that exists within us. The subconscious human mind within us with its inability to distinguish between truth and false, reality or illusion, is however, able to affect our conscious mind and consequently the actions we take. By being able to realize and use this gem to the fullest potential would we be able to create a blazing path of success for ourselves.

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