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by admin on September 14, 2007

Point Wand

Point Wand

Photoshop Magic Wand: A Colorful Option

When we think of graphic design for websites and any other purpose, one name that pops up in mind is Photoshop. Photoshop is a graphics editing software program developed by Adobe Systems. In the field of professional graphic design, Photoshop is considered as a standard application. Photoshop boasts of a number of image editing tools that make the entire task a rich experience.

The graphic design market is nowadays required to deliver best results in terms of quality and content. The availability of various tools in Photoshop helps in achieving this. Magic Wand, a selection tool, is an powerful example of the might and usefulness of Photoshop for highly professional graphic design.

Magic Wand allows the user to select an area of an image according to its color. When this tool is selected and a point in the image is clicked upon, all the area with similar color value gets selected. It eases the selection of the part of the image with same color.

This might sound too unimportant at first, but when it comes to corporate graphic design it is a boom for designers. For instance, the designing of logos for a company has to be exact each and every time, since people identify a company with its logo.

Generally speaking, Magic Wand selects on the basis of the following:

Tolerance: It allows selection of the shades of a particular colors by setting its value between 0 and 255. A higher value leads to larger selection.

Contiguous: It selects the continuous areas only i.e. continuous color area on the image gets selected.

Use All Layers: It allows selections from all the layers within the image.

Anti-Aliased: It defines smooth edges for the selected area.

Therefore, whenever a corporate graphic design job is taken up, designers always aim for precision of colors. While designing brochures, menus or even websites the designs and colors must be balanced and accurate. This is because professional graphic design is mainly about casting a fruitful impression. Hence, it is very right to quote that Magic Wand tool lives up to its name.

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