Red Agate

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Red Agate

Red Agate

The Formation and Color of Agate

Agate is formed from mineral deposits and is considered by most to be a precious stone.

Agate usually occurs in cavities that have formed from volcanoes (especially ancient lavas). Agates are known to have bands that come in many colors and resemble the rings of a tree. Scientists say that agate is created when gas bubbles inside of cooling lava include saline water. These gas bubbles with saline water turn into a gel. Since there is salt in the water, it attacks the surrounding iron in the lava and creates bands. These bands are extremely intricate and beautiful.

It should be noted that no two stones are the same, making each Agate stone unique and more precious. Agate comes in many different colors and usually in its raw state is dull and rough. In order for Agate to show its true beauty it must be polished.

Agates are widely distributed, although the main deposits are in India, Brazil, Madagascar, China, Russia and Australia. According to Greek legend, Agate was found in the river Achates, which is now called the Drillo River, located in Sicily. However, there is evidence that Stone Age men used Agate more than 15,000 years ago. Today, you can easily find sources in the Western United States, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Brazil, China, India, Africa, etc.

The color of agates can vary significantly, depending on the distribution of minerals within each band. Minerals that contribute to the stone color include: iron oxides (red, brown, black, green), manganese (pink, violet, black), chromium (green, yellow, red), titanium (blue), cobalt (red), nickel (green), and copper (red, blue, and green). The shade of color is further modified when these minerals work in combination. The color can occur through an agate band, or it can form as small, dot-like inclusions. Color can also be influenced by temperature, radiation, pressure, and weathering.

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There was this one spinner, red with twin silver blades. Mepps, I think. Never could get it to the back of the hole, but close was close enough. I saw the lure in it then. The maybes, swimming past the could be's, as I wish'es lurked below.

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I'd Love to tell you about the one that got away, but they never did. I caught them all. Without ever wetting my line.

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