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by admin on April 3, 2003

Red Goldstone

Red Goldstone

Keeping Track Of Your Life With The Tarot

Amanda Goldston was on "Moon, Moo & You: The Collective Wisdom" again, 6/2/09, this time discussing the meaning of Taro Cards and how to develop intuition by using them.

I received Amanda's book in the mail that very day: "How To Develop Your Intuition Through Taro." I am familiar with the cards and inherited my mother's deck when she died. The deck of cards both Amanda and I use is the Rider Waite deck, and I am fortunate that my deck is the original, with more vivid colors.

When someone wants a card read for them, they are probably feeling a blockage, and need some clarification. I was taught not to pay attention to card reversals, and Amanda also does not, but said that reversals can be a signature to pay attention to a message involved with what is already blocked. So a reversal need not be interpreted as a calamity. In fact, I was taught always to see the cards as a sign post to my subconscious mind.

Amanda said that our job as Taro readers is to empower people to lead them to their own answers. Our job is to hope that the person walks away from the reading feeling as if the block has somehow been resolved, or is well on the way to being resolved.

Amanda said she takes issue with predicting doom and gloom. In the first place, who really wants to know? Amanda said she has seen people give their psychics more power than their doctor.

She met a woman who to the day of a psychic prediction, was paralyzed and in a wheelchair due to a stroke. No one has a right to do this and gives psychics a bad name!!

The cards tell a story, stimulate the imagination and help the subconscious mind come up with answers that otherwise are kept hidden.

Amanda said that she knows some high powered coaches who secretly use the Taro to help their clients unlock limiting beliefs.

Amanda often uses a two card draw. The first card exemplifies a given situation as if no change at all takes place.

The second card exemplifies the change that is possible if a person is open to it.

The cards empower people to take responsibility for the choices and the people in their lives. Blame and finger pointing are never apart of card interpretation.

The cards represent every possible situation and human emotion possible. The reader and client tap into the collective unconscious through the pictures that are on the cards.

If a person really is in a dire situation the cards will acknowledge this. The reader is there to empower solutions and creative insights into life challenges.

The cards can also give insights into business situations. It would be ideal to pull a card before signing binding contracts. Once again, a person is led to draw a card in the first place because she has some reservations. Heed these red flags. Do not ignore them. Death Card, The Tower, The Devil and some of the Sword cards, are intense, when drawn. These are in your face cards. When these are drawn, there's no where to hide.

But that is the beauty of Taro cards. There are seventy-eight cards each depicting a slightly different dimension of the mental, physical and spiritual condition.

It all comes down to using this tool as a way to use the great potential inherently available to everyone, if they so choose to open themselves to it.

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