Ruby Zoisite

by admin on October 9, 2005

Ruby Zoisite

Ruby Zoisite

20th Century Gemstone

After the discovery of Tanzanite by Manuel D’ Souza in 1967, the news of the finding spread like a fire because of the stones unparalleled beauty and hue. Soon when the first tanzanite was offered to the New York jewelry company Tiffany, they showed great enthusiasm about the remarkable discovery in Tanzania. At that time, Henry B Platt, great grandson of Louis Tiffany, and later president and chairman, was working with Tiffany’s then president, Walter Hoving, framing and directing new jewelry collections. Platt was enthralled about the discovery and was the first one to take upon the marketing of the new gemstone.

Platt made a recommendation to give the newly found gemstone another name, since the gemological name 'blue zoisite' sounded more like the English word 'suicide'. So they proposed the name 'tanzanite', after place where this captivating stone had been found - a name which quickly came into general use in the trade and is used till now.

He remarked in 1968 that it was undoubtedly ‘the most beautiful blue stone to be discovered in over 2000 years’. Experts rightly called it the gemstone of 20th century.While Tanzanite might not yet be the stuff of legends, being discovered a mere 40 years ago, this outstanding gem has already attracted more gossip and attention than any modern-day celebrity. Many Hollywood stars and starlets have also adorned themselves with tanzanite. Stars like Elle Mac Pherson, Elizabeth Banks, Natsha McElhone, Mischa Barton, Cate Blanchett, Bond girl Teri Hatcher and many others have been spotted wearing tanzanite.

Spectacular and magnificent is the deep blue of Tanzanite, ranging from ultramarine to light blue-violet.

Displaying the beautiful property of polychromaticity, Tanzanite exhibits different colors when viewed from different angles. It might appear purple from one angle, blue from the second, and yellow brownish from the third angle.

Unparalleled rarity of tanzanite has earned it a unique place in the gemstone hierarchy. The historical two-way split between diamonds and colored gemstones has evolved into a new revised category diamonds, colored gemstones and tanzanite. Categorization like this by the experts clearly signifies the importance of tanzanite in the gemstone industry. The increasing popularity of the stone among the people is just unbelievable. The brilliant color of tanzanite exudes confidence and courage of the person wearing it. All the other stones like diamond, ruby, emerald etc. have been known to man for centuries but tanzanite is very much a new discovery. Which makes tanzanite a must have in your jewelry collection.

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