Silver Chain

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Silver Chain

Silver Chain

Imported Silver Chains Are They Really Better?

Many individuals who love to wear jewelry made from silver have many imported silver chains in their jewelry box. They are worn almost every day with a variety of clothing styles. Imported silver chains are attractive as well as affordable when you compare them to other jewelry made from precious metals. This type of silver chains are versatile and can fit any style and type of fashion sense you have. The same silver chains can be doubled to be worn as a bracelet or anklet, as well.

Simple Style

The simplest style of silver chain is the link chain. This is more commonly known as a cable chain. Loads of imported silver chain designs come from the simple cable design. The curb of the necklace is also designed to be a flat cable. The Figaro silver chain is flat like the curb style but, instead, has three shorter links and one long link. The Mariner, Gucci, and Anchor styles have a bar going through the center of each link. The design of imported silver chains can be complicated designs or they can be structurally complicated. The chains are simple links which are woven into many different patterns.

Versatile Designs

More intricate designs are made with a ring link. This is close in design to the chain maille used by the knights. Two types come from this to include the flat style and the round style. European imported silver chains are flat with wide strips resembling fabric. This same technique for the heavy-duty armor of the past is used in modern times to make the silver chains strong and sturdy. They are also lovely to wear. This type of silver chain is usually handcrafted as mechanical machines cannot care for the delicate links. This handcrafted item means more detail and delicacy in the final jewelry piece.

The Heart Of Italy

Most commercial imported silver chains are shipped from Italy and are made by machine. They are produced to be of great quality and come in many styles to choose from. This makes them a great choice in imported silver chain. The metal is very bright and white as each is put together and plated with .999 silver. It makes them a finer piece and whiter than normal. They look great with anything you choose to wear whether it is a pair of jeans or a special occasion black dress.

American Made

Manufacturers located in America also create quality imported silver chains. They come from Rhode Island mostly. These pieces come in smaller quantities and are only found in the more high end jewelry and department stores. When jewelry stores purchase the chains, they buy in bulk rolls and customize them to the desired length. This means a customized piece in the right style and length you need.

The modern techniques that produce quality imported silver chains give even more reason for this to be the first choice in fine jewelry. These styles are trendy, popular, and are great for being affordable. There is no reason not to consider adding one of these pieces to your jewelry collection.

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How do I remove a knot from a fine sterling silver chain?

I recently purchased a pendant/fine sterling silver chain for a gift. The chain arrived in a knot that I cannot remove easily. I have tried using the pin method and the oil method without resolution. Does anyone have another idea besides using a jeweler? My friend brought a chain to a jeweler and the jeweler broke the chain in pieces.

try another jeweler, they usually dont break it. it was a bad jeweler.

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