Singing Bowl

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Singing Bowl

Singing Bowl

Crystal Singing Bowls and Sound Healing

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Crystal has been used in healing because of its qualities of magnification. Sound has been used in healing because it produces effect, and feeling in the human body. Combining crystal and sound brings about an ingenious synergistic outcome. Different sounds bring about different effects but using the basic sounds of the musical scale (used with the crystal bowls) makes foundational sense.

It has been deduced that sound and vibration can be used for effect on the human body because it is accepted that sound produces a tangible effect on the body and sound is vibration. Hans Jenny, a Swiss researcher, showed that with drops of water, this creates a specific sound transducers which can create a wonderful melody that bear resemblance to pretty symmetrical patterns which looks like multifarious cell patterns. These patterns varied from that of a maple leaf to a sand dollar. When the vibrations were removed, the droplets would regain their circular shape. This therefore points to the conclusion that particular sound, including frequencies of sound can change and revise the vibratory and physical structures of human systems.

So what sound frequencies might be beneficial for what conditions? There have been explorations with acupuncture points, using ultrasound. This is perhaps the most tangible use of sound as medicine integrated into conventional medicine so far.

The traditional massage table has undergone a transformation for the use of sound. Specially placed speakers around the table enable the subject lying down to totally absorb the sound vibrations throughout the body. The potential here is healing, soothing, and relaxing input to the subject. But again, the question?.what sound? ?..what vibrations? It is up to the intuition and responsiveness of the practitioner to make the ideal choices for healing effect.

A finger transducer, developed by Manfred Clynes was one of the first methods used for measuring the effects of sound. The most decisive results were the positive effects triggered by various classical musical pieces, especially with certain emotions. Further, certain said pieces were found to produce the same emotions in many different people. Sentic waveforms was further developed and has created the sound that can transport you to various levels of consciousness.

In the last ten years this movement has mushroomed. To amend the seven centers in the body called the Chakras, the use of Quartz crystal singing bowls are regularly used. Using sound for meditation, stress reduction, and altered states has expanded into the invention of sound tables, but also brain machines which combine light and sound. As this field grows we will continue to see more things like bio-entrainment, binaural beat and hemi-synch systems. When your chakra is tuned, the quartz crystal singing bowls shall emit pure tone. This is why the bowls have been found to be an organic, and grounded method for sound healing.

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