Skin Jasper

by admin on January 21, 2006

Skin Jasper

Skin Jasper

Why Wear a Necklace or Pendant?

Everyone has an individual style. There are people who wear lots of necklaces at once, some wear none at all, and some people change what they wear according to the outfit they are wearing.

A necklace or a pendant can change a boring outfit into a more interesting look. It can add color, texture, and movement. Some believe that necklaces made of certain gems, stones, and elements have positive health benefits.

Wearing a necklace is a way to show one's individuality. Many wear jewelry to identify themselves as having a certain interest, like a horseshoe shaped pendant for a western rider or an anchor for a boating enthusiast. Others may choose something whimsical to show their playful side even though they might be wearing a traditional navy business suit.

The colors in the necklace can be used to show off or compliment one's skin tone and/or to enhance the color of the fabric on which the jewelry rests. Also, outfits made up of contrasting colors or ones with a pop-of-color in a handbag or shoe can be pulled together by a multi-color necklace.

Many people believe that copper jewelry, as well as turquoise and jasper, has health and energy benefits for the wearer, although these claims have not been scientifically proven. At the very least, wearing jewelry made from these sources may cause positive benefits from personal beliefs and because the wearer feels adorned and special. Many choose the materials of a necklace to show wealth or value, or to show off a family heirloom.

A necklace can be a statement of one's faith, by wearing a cross, a Star of David, or a peace symbol. It can be a way of showing off your hobby of beading, ceramics work, or work with semi-precious stones.

A necklace can even be used to change your physical look. The length of the chain or cord of a necklace can draw the eye up or down, can soften the look of a square or round face, and can shorten the length of an elongated face. Also, an adjustable necklace is a very good idea because one can change the length to suit each outfit.

The real reason to wear any jewelry is to visually share a bit of your personality with those people you encounter on a day-to-day basis. An interesting necklace or pendant can give someone permission to start up a conversation or to ask where you got the interesting necklace.

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Sibyl Day and Mary Benson of SmallTown Duo wrote this article. SmallTown Duo features jewelry designed and handmade by California artist, Sylvia Rosscopper jewelry, including necklaces and earrings, at

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ok so i read twilight and true blood books and ive seen the movies and show and i've been thinking this a while so im just going to ask

ok twilight
you know how edward can like smell Bella's blood even through her skin adn you know at her birthday jasper attackes her when she bleeds...

and true blood
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odd but i was wondering what people think and has it run through anyones mind..?

I've always wondered this! Thanks for asking. Well I always think that they probably smell it. Lol. But they ignore it because.. it's yuck? haha

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