Skull Bead

by admin on January 24, 2010

Skull Bead

Skull Bead

Quench that Rider's Heat!

Imagine the burning sensation when you ride within a temperature
of 90 degrees up. The sun is hurting you much but you can't
stop. Riding is driving you crazy and you just can't let the
moment pass without doing the best out of the time. Enough is
enough but sometimes not enough. So you grab your chance and
make it worthwhile!

In every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The
more you exert energy, the more carbo and water you need. The
more you move the more liquids are wasted. Consequently, the
thirst is drying you up. And you need to quench your whole
body's thirst. How are you suppose to do that? Here are some
tips to quench your heat:

1.Drink lots of water. Liquids are easily excreted nonetheless,
they are easy to replace. Hence, bringing with you an ample
supply of water can be a very good idea. Bear in mind that it is
not only your shirt that evaporates. This is also true with your
skin. So, to circumvent it, drink plenty of water. But do not
overdo it, heavy tummy may limit you.

2.Use 'cool collar'. This came from a tube of bandana material
that contains some water absorbing beads. When dry, these beads
increase their size up to fifty times bigger. Getting this
collar wet is a tedious task. You have to soak it first in water
for about one hour. It takes a while for the beads to dry out
than it did to get them wet. Water will evaporate and as a
consequence cooling effect happens.

Another alternative is the use of 'kool kollars' which are the
original design of 'cool collars'. These are made up of
terry-cloth which has a pocket used to carry ice. This collar
cools the neck as the ice melts and drips cold water.

Maintaining the temperature of your neck is crucial. This is
because the large veins are close to the surface of the skin.
You can utilize these stuffs to cool your neck and to preclude
health hazards.

3.Skull-caps or helmet liners can also be the quenching element.
To use it, simply saturate it with water and don it.

4.Another recourse is pouring water on the shirt to provide
greater area for evaporation.

Now, that you know the quenching power's significance, do not
dare miss the heat but quench it afterwards

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Skull Bead Show n' Tell

Can you plz rate and add some improvements to my Yu-Gi-Oh Dragon Deck? Its mainly on Red Eyes?

My red eyes b. deck:

3xMasked Dragon
Armed Dragon LV5
Armed Dragon LV3
2x Red Eyes Black Dragon
Red Eyes Darkness Dragon
2x Lord of D.
Luster Dragon
2x Red Eyes B. Chick
Mirage Dragon
Twin Headed Behomoth
Gemini Elf
Man-Eater Bug
Black Stego
Paladin of White Dragon
Blue Eyes White Dragon

Nightmare Steelcage
Mystic Box
Stamping Destruction
Heavy Storm
Giant Trunade
Nobleman of Crossout
Mystical Space Typhoon
Kaiser Colosseum
Premature Burial
Swords of Revealing Light
The flute of Summoning Dragon
Monster Reincarnation
Axe of Despair
White Dragon Ritual

The Dragon's Bead
Spellbinding Circle
Skull Lair
Call of the haunted
Curse of Anubis
Raigeki Break
Magic Cylinder
Compulsory Evacuation Device
Magic Jammer
Trap Hole

Fusion Monster(s)
Fiend Skull Dragon

Please help me as quick as you can!

Main points:
-1 Gemini Elf
-1 Sabersaurus
-1 Black Stego
+3 Luster Dragon #2

Why are Spellcasters and Dinosaurs in a Dragon deck??

-1 Luster Dragon(the tribute monster!!)
+1 Armed Dragon LV.5

Armed Dragon actually has a useful effect.

-1 Paladin of White Dragon
-1 Blue-Eyes White Dragon
+2 The Dark-Hex Sealed Fusion

BEWD has a deck of its own and doesn't belong in a Red Eyes deck.

-1 Fiend Skull Dragon
+1 King Dragun

You didn't have the fusion material monsters for Fiend Skull Dragon or even Polymerization. I added The Dark-Hex Sealed Fusion so you could have the fusion monster without having Polymerization in your deck.

-1 Mystic Box
+1 Flute of Summoning Dragon

Mystic Box isn't very good unless you give your opponent Ameba or Griggle.

-1 Metamorphasis
-1 White Dragon Ritual
+2 Stamping Destruction

Stamping Destruction is a must for every Dragon deck!

-1 Curse of Anubis
+1 Ring of Destruction

Curse of Anubis will hurt you as much as it hurts your opponent.

Sample Decklist:
Luster Dragon #2 x3
Masked Dragon x3
Lord of D. x2
Armed Dragon LV.3 x2
Armed Dragon LV.5 x2
Red Eyes B. Chick x2
Red Eyes B. Dragon x2
The Dark-Hex Sealed Fusion x2<---Use its second ability to fuse it with Lord of D. Twin-Headed Behemoth Magician of Faith Sangan Exiled Force spells Mystical Space Typhoon Heavy Storm Graceful Charity Creature Swap x2 Premature Burial Flute of Summoning Dragon x2 Stamping Destruction x2 traps Ring of Destruction Sakuretsu Armor x2 Torrential Tribute Magic Cylinder Call of The Haunted Bottomless Trap Hole x2 fusions King Dragun x1<---its a Lord of D. and it lets you put out Dragon without giving up your normal summon Dark Paladin x1<---this is just in case you face a Spell heavy deck side deck Buster Blader x1<----you need this guy to get Dark Paladin with the Hex Emblem of Dragon Destroyer x2<---this gets you a Buster Blader from the deck or graveyard Pot of Avarice x1 Waboku x2 Kuriboh x2 Wingbeat of a Giant Dragon x1 Polymerization x1<----You can't use the Hex's second ability to make Dark Paladin Royal Decree x1 Tyrant Dragon x1<---put him out with King Dragun's ability. He's a game ender in alot of cases. Soul Exchange x2 Inferno Fire Blast x2<---for fun!!

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