Smoky Citrine Quartz

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Smoky Citrine Quartz

Smoky Citrine Quartz

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Shankar Silvex is the wholesale online store for Silver Jewelry India as importers and wholesalers of sterling 925 silver jewelry. We facilitate to see online stocks and purchase stocks of Sterling Silver Jewelry online.

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Smoky Citrine Quartz Keokuk Geode

What would you consider to be the most basic dozen minerals that are "essentials" for a beginning collector?

My list, based on consideration of both abundant occurrence in the crust and popularity in the market is as follows, having as well a balance between metals and ores and minerals considered non-metals:
(NON-METALS) in order of importance
1. any of the feldspars (either potassium, satisfied by having amazonite, or plagioclase, met by including labradorite)
2. quartz (crystalline: "rock crystal," smoky quartz, citrine, hematite-included, etc.)
3. chalcedony (a bird's nest type or any agate, aventurine, jasper, flint, etc.)
4. calcite (dogtooth, rhombohedral, or any variety including the massive bright colored type)
5. gypsum (alabaster or selenite or desert rose etc.)
6. fluorite (any specimen that distinctly displays the isometric system, preferrably very fluorescent)
METALS/ORES (in no particular order)
7. pyrite
8. galena
9. chalcopyrite
10. copper
11. silver
12. gold

Careful... I still remember "Old socks, all in cotton, sewn by mother please." This verbalized acronym lists the most abundant elements (but not rocks/minerals).

The 8 most common elements in Earth’s crust (by mass):
46.6% Oxygen (O) (Any oxide, Calcite has oxygen, so does gypsum)
27.7% Silicon (Si) (any Quartz mineral including chalcedony which is simply cryptocrystalline quartz)
8.1% Aluminum (Al) (A piece of bauxite would be nice, but any piece of beryl would do too)
5.0% Iron (Fe) (Pyrite has Iron)
3.6% Calcium (Ca) (Calcite again)
2.8% Sodium (Na) A chunk of halite is nice but it tends to disintegrate due to moisture)
2.6% Potassium (K) Amazonite is a Potassium Aluminum Silicate
2.1% Magnesium (Mg) Dolomite (Ca+Mg Carbonate)

Still, I like your list though again be careful with the double quartz based specimens.

Since you mention minerals, that removes "rocks" so here would be my list:

Native Copper
and a huge gold nugget. (They all should be inexpensive except for the last one, but you might find one in your back yard).

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