Soapstone Heart

by admin on July 9, 2002

Soapstone Heart

Soapstone Heart

Kitchen Countertops: A Look into Your Natural Stone Options

Nothing beats the look and feel of natural materials and this goes well with the versatile functionality of the heart of your New York home. The inherent luxurious appearance and durability of natural stones make them among the top options when it comes to kitchen countertops. Any design could be made to stand out more no matter the personal taste of the homeowner from modern minimalist to rustic or somewhere in between. So whether you are in Manhattan, Long Island, Staten Island, Brooklyn or Queens; it would definitely be beneficial to have a good look into these options to add a touch of style and boost productivity in the kitchen.

Though among the more expensive, high end choices, natural stones offer more benefits in terms of usage as kitchen countertops. No manufacturer could ever be as skilled as Mother Earth and this very fact makes these types of materials withstand the tests of time with care on your part, of course. Now we look at some of the most popular stone choices for kitchen countertops.


Today, granite is probably the most popular among the natural stone options for kitchen countertops. Though it comes in a limited array of colors, its course-grained surface that bursts with a number of minerals working together to achieve that luxurious look offer s an unsurpassed appeal. Other than for beauty, it is often chosen for its resilience, durability and the great protection that it offers from heat, scratches and stains. These and a lot more make it a favorite both among homeowners and realtors as it also gives a good boost to your New York home’s overall value making the remodeling investment pay back at resale.


The strength and aesthetics that marble brings has made it architecturally legendary and has found its way to historical pieces and now, in the hearts of homes. It makes up for elegant as well as hygienic kitchen countertops and bar counters as it does not allow mold growth and attracts little to no dirt. However, marble cannot withstand too much impact and exposure to chemicals.


Durable and waterproof, slate is a material that can be found anywhere in homes from the flooring, to façade trimmings, showers, pool surrounds and up to the roof. Though it offers a smooth and sleek look, it is very low maintenance. Made mainly from fine silt and clay, this fine grained material comes in a variety of structure, color and composition due to other minerals that it may blend with. Not absorbent, it makes up for stain resistant kitchen countertops.


For that soft warmth, soapstone can give your kitchen countertops that welcoming appeal that can be integrated into the most contemporary to classic early American designs. It does not stain and can be cleaned with the most common household cleaners. A mineral oil treatment can give it a natural deepening of color resulting to a richer and darker charcoal gray.

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