Stone Healing

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Stone Healing

Stone Healing

Using Chakra Stones for Effective and Non-Invasive Healing

Traditional Eastern medicine practitioners believe that the human body contains a vast network of pathways through which life energy flows. These pathways, or meridians, as they are known, run throughout the body in intricate, regular patterns. Anyone familiar with acupuncture, for example, knows that acupuncturists are intimately familiar with this "energy map" of the body, and use it to redirect life energy, known as chi, or qi, to the proper areas of the body to promote healing and well-being.

At regular intervals along these meridians are areas of concentrated centers of energy called chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means "spinning wheel of light." There are seven main chakras (and many smaller ones throughout the body), which are: the first, or root chakra, found at the base of the spine; the second, or sacral chakra, in the pelvic area; the third chakra, known as the solar plexus; the fourth, or heart chakra; the fifth, or throat chakra; the sixth chakra, called the third eye; and the seventh, or crown chakra.

Each chakra has its own vibrational energy, which corresponds to particular areas of the body, and is characterized by a color and stone which share that vibration. Energy in the chakras can become out-of-balance, causing various physical ailments and emotional disturbances.

By balancing the chakras so they have the appropriate levels of energy - which can be too high, too low, or the flow of energy blocked - the body and mind are brought back into a harmonious state in which they function at their peak.

Chakra stones are naturally-occurring stones that correspond in color and vibrational frequency to each chakra. For example, the crown chakra consists of energy that has a violet-colored vibration. One of the corresponding stones for the crown chakra is amethyst, which is violet-colored, and shares the same energy frequency as the crown chakra.

Chakra stones are one way to achieve balance among the chakras. This is done by placing the appropriate stones on the body at the area of the corresponding chakra. The desired effect of balance is best achieved if one is first in a meditative state and then visualizes the various-colored chakras spinning one at a time, in balanced sizes. Or, a hand can be placed over the stone while it rests on the area of the chakra, and a meditation done separately for each chakra.

There are many chakra stone meditations that can be found online and in books. There is really no best way to use them; it is a matter of personal choice. All meditations work better when they fit a person's style and preference.

To those new to the idea of chakras and chakra stones, it can all sound a little strange, but once they experience the profound feeling of well-being that comes with balanced energy, chakra stones are sure to become a regular part of their health routine!

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Shannon Pollock has been teaching people about natural health remedies for many years. She is a specialist with experience in natural remedies for both people and animals.

For more information on the benefits of using chakra stones, as well as other natural health related topics, visit Shannon's website called Natural Health Remedies and More

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What to expect after passing kidney stone?

My boyfriend went to the ER Thursday night and was passing his first kidney stone. He will be released Sunday and it is unclear as to whether he will pass it on his own or be retrieved through his urethra. We are going to France the following Sunday and I am wondering if there is anything that I can do after its passing to help him heal and be comforted (ie mint tea, herbs, anything). I will not see him until next Saturday as we are long distance, so it will have been one week after its passing.

Also, what should we expect during this period? How long is his recovery?

Once its passed its done, I had a kidney stone and I just gave it to my doctor the next morning in a sealed bag. He checked to see what type it was and let me know on my next appointment. The pain is gone and that is that your recovery is no time at all.

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