Stones Reiki

by admin on June 26, 2004

Stones Reiki

Stones Reiki

The Best Reiki Tables For Sale Online Reviewed

This article will provide some information that you need to know when purchasing you first Reiki Table. Do you want to work professionally as a Reiki practitioner?Congratulations! Reiki can be a very gratifying job and also a profitable one. Whatever skeptical people might say, Reiki is definitely growing bigger every day and many people are confident that it will prove to be a huge branch of alternative medicine this century.

Reiki brings a sense balance and harmony in to our lives.

So what do you need to think about when going "Reiki"? Well, first of all you will need a location, somewhere to practice that is.Make sure it vibrates of positive energy, otherwise Reiki healing there won't be as beneficial. Make sure you arrange all the legal stuff and certificates before doing anything else. Visit alternative medicine centers and get to know people who are in the same business, this might help you to attract future clients.
Let's talk about the things you will use in your Reiki practice. Generally you will need a good stereo so that you will be able to play some nice relaxing background music if you like, nice, clean and fresh towels and linens (preferably white) crystals and precious stones for adornment. But what really does the trick is finding the right Reiki table.Reiki tables come in all sizes and colors, as well as prices… Buying a good Reiki table can turn out to be quite an investment Understand that price is NOT everything when buying a Reiki table. What I am trying to say is that a good value Reiki table will earn you a lot more money then what you spent initially on purchasing it. It hopefully won't cause you any trouble or breaking and you'll be able to use it for many years to come.Accept no less than a 3 years warranty.You might also find some good ones second hand, but make sure you do some research as there are a few scams.

Apart from the price, there are some other features that are important for you to check out when purchasing a Reiki table. For instance, make sure the measurements fit. The height of the table is of vital importance. Imagine working over a too low table. This will cause backaches for sure.Most manufacturers have noticed that height is really important so their tables will have an adjustable height mechanism. Make sure you look into how long and wide the table is. For most Reiki practitioners the length of the table isn't a complicated issue. What you do need to look into with some attention is how wide your future Reiki table is. You will spend many hours in your Reiki practice and you need to feel completely confident and comfortable when working. And that goes for your clients too of course.

Another feature that I think will prove to be important in attracting clients and them coming back is actually the padding. The padding of your Reiki table can actually transform the whole Reiki experience.
It's really related to what you are willing to pay for your table, more padding equals more expensive.

Maybe you will do a lot of home visits as a Reiki practitioner. This is common as some clients , who suffer serious conditions such as cancer, will not be able to make it to your practice. If this is your case, then you need to think about a carrying case. Some manufacturers will provide you with this when you buy the table; otherwise make sure you order one with the adequate measurements separately. Make sure your Reiki table folds and unfolds easily to make transport as effortless as possible.
I hope I have made the purchasing of your Reiki table a bit easier. Feel confident in your choice! Do you want to read more about the latest models, check out our new website.
I'm sure your Reiki practice will do well and I wish you good luck!

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Pagan group that has NO Diety or just Atheist???

I have a serious question. I am not looking for any answers from those that have a God.

I am Atheist with a strong belief that paralells paganism. Meaning an earth based spirituallity. NO GOD. I believe in me, the sun, the moon, the earth, stones and crystals. I believe in Reiki. Energy.

Is there a pagan group that has no god? Or am I Atheist with a pull to the elemental??
I appologise for my typo. My fingers often reverse the e and i.

I did mean Deity 🙂

I'm a naturalistic pantheist and an atheist which means that "I believe in God/dess but spell it N-A-T-U-R-E." It is sort of like a nontheistic and rational "pagan". It's paganism for the 21st century and is even more earth-centered than "mainstream" paganism which focuses on magic. It is very eco-centered and Green in focus.

Knowing of the interdependence of nature (food cycle, etc.) as well as the interdependence of actions (ancestors' past actions affect my current circumstances and my actions will affect the circumstances of my descendents) fills me with a sense of gratefulness which I demonstrate both through my actions as well as concrete actions of respect and honor.

We celebrate the solstices and equinoxes. Some of us even do rituals - for myself I have developed offeratory rituals to honor Nature and the ancestors, Sacred Meal ritual, and chanting and meditation practices. These are available in the files section of the public pantheist groups here on Yahoo and on Beliefnet.

Check the links below for more information on pantheism:

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