Tower Stand

by admin on January 20, 2007

Tower Stand

Tower Stand

Floe Elevator Tower Stand


What is an elevator deer tower stand?

FLOE’s new Elevator Tower Stand is a product that combines many innovative ideas into one product. It is designed to allow hunters who aren’t able or comfortable climbing, to get off the ground with push-button simplicity.  By pushing the button on the remote control, the roughly 6’ square platform smoothly raises or lowers up to 1,200 lbs. It is powered by a 12V DC winch.


In addition to its automatic elevator, it is remarkably portable for a large ground-based stand. The built-in tongue and wheels allow a hunter to move it easily with an ATV or vehicle. It also has FLOE’s patented Easy-Level leveling leg which allows a hunter to level the stand frame with a cordless drill. One person can position a stand, get it leveled or move it to another location quickly and easily. To fully appreciate how the legs and wheels work together to make it mobile, you may wish to view the You-Tube video. You can access the video via FLOE’s web-site at or by going to You-Tube and searching for Elevator Tower Stand.


The stand is made entirely from aluminum to keep it lightweight and non-corrosive. It has long-lasting components including stainless steel leveling cables and hardware.

The bolt together design allows it to ship easily to any destination.


Optional accessories include a wheel chair accessible access ramp, concealment skirting, a canopy system, or even a full composite blind with four-sided fold-up windows.

FLOE International Inc. has been manufacturing aluminum recreational products since 1983. They specialize in aluminum trailers and enclosures as well as dock and boat lift systems for shorefront property owners. The elevator Tower Stand is an off-shoot from their very popular boat lift category, incorporating time tested technology for boats up to 10,000 lbs.


The stand idea was borne from a local National Wildlife Refuge near FLOE’s headquarters in McGregor, MN. The managers of the Refuge were planning a special hunt for hunters with disabilities. Upon request, FLOE designed and built a stand for their first hunt. The hunters enjoyed it so much, that they came back and asked FLOE to build two more for future hunts. At this time, FLOE began demonstrating the product to hunters and people in the hunting industry. They received a lot of positive feedback saying that this should be available to hunters everywhere.


According to FLOE’s president, Don VanderMey, the stand is ideal for older hunters that may not climb as well as they once did, but still wish to get in the woods and keep the advantage that getting off the ground provides. It is also ideal for hunters with disabilities as well as hunters that wish to take kids along and not have them climbing into stands.

The suggested retail for a fully loaded stand, with ramp, concealment system and canopy is about $6,995.00.


For more information, go to or call FLOE directly at 800-336-6337.

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FLOE Elevator Tower Deer Stand

the tower stands at 58 meters what is the angle of inclination?

This is a geometry problem - tried to use the tan of the height!

Need some more info, Teresa.

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