Turquoise Crystal

by admin on August 3, 2002

Turquoise Crystal

Turquoise Crystal

Turquoise Jewelry : Contrives of Simplicity and Spiritualism

Turquoise Jewelry: The New Age Adornments

The gem named turquoise derives in different colors ranging between the spectrum of blue and green. It is basically a mineral with exceptional opacity yet of special splendor. Aluminum and copper are its constituents. Their infrequency and capableness to make it for centuries establish them really pricey cherishes. Turquoise jewelry is related with freedom, spiritualism, sinlessness of love and marriage, and continuing friendships.

The New Age Colors

The New Age trend is an casual form of religious belief where worshippers consider that God is a state of higher level of cognizance or self-actualization. Some of them indulge in fortune telling by using astrology and Tarot cards as guides in stimulating personal and professional decisivenesses, and conceive in crystals, stones, and gems as therapeutic implements.

People who apply New Age are very religious. They are searchers of inner pacification and enlightenment. Some of them do yoga and some are into pranic healing. They are people who passion gems for their effect on the aura and that of others. They are very aware of their personal and sentimental environments, external and internal. They trust that turquoise jewelry of lighter shades enhance the personal magnetism of the wearer thus increasing the positively charged vitalities of his surroundings including his family and friends. Those of darker colors, as they think, give off the air of enigma that is frequently consociated with wiseness and experience.

When turquoise is set with other gems and colors, they complement the energies let loose by those gems and colors. Like when pinks and lavender are harmonized with turquoise, the ensuing turquoise jewelry enhances the wearer's ingenuousness. The creativity of the wearer is improved when the gem is coupled with white or black settings. Gray, brown, or silver with turquoise are superb providers of humbleness and affixation to the ingredients of the earth. Turquoise jewelry with orange and yellow pairings are eventual enhancers of energy and cheerfulness.

Pranic Healing

Concurring to New Age aficionados, turquoise jewelry are really strong remedial instruments because they imbibe the wearer with the vitalities of nature. On the other hand, they ward off the outcomes of tenseness and depressive disorder. They limit the low self-esteem by heightening on the creative thinking and ability to pass on the wearer. Turquoise jewelry transudes love and pacification thus in return the wearer gets more positively charged emotions and vitalities of passion and friendly relationship. They all amend the designed and innermost conviction, manfulness of spirit, fearlessness, kindness, and compassion of those bear who bear them.

Contrives of Simplicity and Spiritualism

Turquoise jewelry come in various themes of New Age. They symbolize monism, pantheism, reincarnation, karma, ecological responsibility, and the Age of the Aquarius. There are those that provide to the appreciation of men and women who are into meditation. These figures are peculiar with respect to colors and symbolic representations that would attain the wearers and those close to them calmer and more at serenity.

Therapists have their own line of this jewelry ranging from crystals to stones that elevate holistic wellness. Turquoise jewelry is available in the shapes of charms, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, brooches, and cuff links. Samples of these are available online at Queen Bee Jewelry.

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