White Jade

by admin on December 29, 2005

White Jade

White Jade

Classic Black & White Gems: A New Year’s Tradition

Classic Black & White Gems:
A New Year’s Tradition
As the traditional colors for New Year’s celebrations, black symbolizes the end of the old year and white represents the birth of the new year. Opaque black and white gems have a crisp beauty and a formal elegance that looks smart with any outfit, whether set separately or together in white or yellow gold, platinum, palladium, or sterling silver. Here is a selection of the most popular black and white gems.

Black Onyx – A midnight black variety of opaque agate which is quite hard and doesn’t scratch easily. Often permanently dyed to intensify color. Popular for rings, cufflinks, pins and bracelets.

Black Pearl – Deeply hued Tahitian pearls have a high surface luster and come in fascinating
iridescent dark shades with overtones of purple, peacock blue, and bronze.

Black Diamond – A popular favorite with many fashion-forward jewelry designers. Black diamonds are especially striking when combined with sparkling white diamonds.

White Pearl – The Queen of Gems, either the famous cultured Akoya pearls or the popular freshwater pearls. They’re available in many dramatic shapes including round, oval, petal, coin, and button.

Moonstone_ This translucent form of the mineral feldspar has a shimmering inner glow, called adularescence, that resembles moonlight when the gem is cut in a rounded cabochon shape.

White Jade – Precious jade has been revered for thousands of years and is one of the toughest gemstones known. It is smooth, translucent, and takes a very bright and lustrous polish.

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What color will complement/hide my ugly jade green tile in my bathroom?

My bathroom has jade green tile with black tile trim (Very 1970's!) I can't afford to re-tile it, but I can paint the walls above the tile and re-do the floor. I am not good with colors, and am wondering if anyone knows what color would complement the jade/black to make it look a little more modern? Right now the wall is white and it looks so bad!!

Why not a brown.

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