Wicca Magick

by admin on June 2, 2003

Wicca Magick

Wicca Magick

How To Meditate To Center Your Magick Energy

Meditating properly is one of the keys to casting successful spells in Wicca Witchcraft. The idea here is to focus on each part of your body one at a time - relax them, force the negativity out of each part.

When done properly, you will reach your place of peace within yourself... the place where Magick energy "comes from".

Whenever time permits, you should do this every single day... and especially before casting spells.

Start with your feet. Flex them, and then relax them... flex them, and then relax them. Then, concentrate on relaxing them completely as if they are 2 "wet noodles". Focus as long as you need to put them in a completely relaxed state.

Next, move to your calves. Clench the muscles of your calves, and then relax them seeing all tension and negativity flowing down your legs and out your feet into the ground. Repeat this through all major muscles in your body (knees, thights, pelvic region, buttocks, hips, lower back, mid section, upper back, fingers and hands, forearms and elbows, upper arms, shoulders, neck, chin, jaw, face, and lastly your head).

Feel all of your tension and negativity drain out of each part of your body, and be replaced by a sphere of white light.

Next, clear your mind and open your inner self to that higher place within you that maintains a constant connection to the Divine.

Spend your time in stillness, and commune with your deities - or even work on your visualization skills.

Finally, when you are finished, go back down through your entire body in reverse, charging each part with the energy of the white sphere to waken and refresh your entire physical self.

My Witchcraft Home Academy In-A-Box, Mastering The Magick of Witchcraft goes into more detail about meditation and how it can increase the power and effectiveness of your spells. It will also reveal a few secrets about visualization that will help you to cast successful spells "on the fly" whenever you need to.

And on the DVD's, you will be taken on a guided meditation (which is also a part of setting up your internal sacred space).

Not only is good meditation calming and relaxing, but the visualizations you work on in your meditation can instantly put powerful Magick energies at work for you to accomplish whatever you desire. Now, imagine combining this power with actual spells and rituals - and how bundling the power of all the techniques I reveal can give you full control of your life.

You were born with a special power that most people never open their eyes to. Using this power, you can get the life you have always dreamed of, step by step. If you truly believe this, you are already almost there.

About the Author

Rose has been practicing different forms of Witchcraft for over 27 years. For more information on how to become a witch visit her site The Ask Rose Ariadne Witchcraft Site"

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Wicca: Magick Circles

I'm new to wicca & my girls ex is also a witch&we feel black magick was done on us.Can I do a cleansing,& how?

PS: My girlfriend is not a witch & does not practice wicca, however I am a new witch. Her ex used to do bad spells on others all the time while they were together & because they broke up on bad terms, we know for sure she's doing negative magick on us. Please help!!!!!!! Thank You. Any rituals, spells, tips, etc for a cleansing would be greatly appreciated!

Ah I see the problem. If you are a new witch and you have a teacher the best thing you can do is tell him or her, if your teacher is local then the chances are they'll know the people in question, or be able to ask around on the local pagan gravevine, absolutely nothing is more valuable than knowledge of the person - magically or otherwise, and your teacher will know what to do with that knowledge. 'Know Thyself' is a good tenet that you can look at in other ways at these times as 'kny thine enemy'

Other than that, then it's a case of protection work, however don't get hung up about it all. Don't give them the power by being constantly terrified of 'what might be' if you have solid facts that they're working against you then that is one thing, but if it's just surmising on your part or nasty words or looks hurled at your gf by the person in question - well don't forget the power of insinuation, what your brain can imagine they're doing is probably far worse than anything they can actually cook up. IF it is the latter then you'll probably be attibuting every bit of bad luck, coincidence and strange occurence to them - which is EXACTLY what they want you to think. Frankly if they are doing work agains you then they aren't exactly brilliant witches to start with, there's always a price and obviously laddo who was your ex's bf hasn't worked that one out yet. Be sure to stand clear when he does!

I'm sorry but without knowing more about the situation I can only suggest general things. Be careful in your daily lives, don't take stupid risks (which goes in general not just now) do some protection work. The moon is new now which is a good time to start, although full is better but you can just tailor your magic to the phases. Use visualisation, herbs, anything you wish to create a protection around the house and around you both.

Should you care to give us more information I am sure we can come up with more specific things, HOWEVER - i'll reiterate, do not get into the habit of attributing every little bit of bad luck that comes your way to them. Things just happen - no one is to blame and no one is 'behind' it. Shrug it off, smile, look after each other and above all don't give them more power than they think they have and you're halfway there.

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