Willow Wand

by admin on September 29, 2009

Willow Wand

Willow Wand

Harry Potter & The Wizarding World

Harry Potter & the Wizarding World at Universal Studios

With Universal Studios getting ready to open up at Islands of Adventure, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in 2010....

Everybody is waiting with anticapation and joy that this is going to be the best thing that Universal Orlando has ever seen..And with the new Harry Potter movie getting ready to realease very soon, Fans are happy....

What is your favorite attraction or part of Harry Potter are you most anxious to see or ride? We have also added a pol to see what you, "The Harry Potter World of People" find most interesting?

Here are a few polls that we have found interesting:

1. Where are you most likely to get a beverage or snack at Hogsmead?

The Hog's Head

The Three Broomsticks

The HoneyDukes

2. If you could order a drink at the Three Broomsticks, What would it be?

Butter Beer

Pumpkin Juice

3. Which is your favorite Broomstick?


Nimbus Two Thousand

Nimbus Two Thousand and One

4. Which would be your favorite place to shop at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?



Zonko's Joke Shop

5. Which Dragon would you like to ride?

The Chinese Fireball

The Hungarian Horntail

6. Which type of Wand would you prefer to own?

A personalized Olivander's wand that choose you

A replica of a wand used by a hero

7. Which of these would scare you the most?

The Whomping Willow

The Hungarian Horntail

A Dementor

An Acromantuia

A Basilik


Feel free to comment on any of the polls and let us know which is your favorite Harry Potter question.....


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Witches: Willow Wand. . . . .?

I'm interested in making a Willow wand. I've heard it is supposed to be as long as your elbow crease to about the base of your middle finger. Is this true? And if its too long, do just cut it? Also, I wanted to top it with a small polished amethyst and use purple yarn to wrap some of it. . . is this ok? o_O
Any other info you can give me be will be appreciated. ^u^
And does anyone want to share personal stories about their own wand-making? That would be great!! ^u^ And please, only serious answers. . .
BTW, the stick of willow I have is about as long as my entire arm. . .thanks
Also, I found the stick. ^u^ It was in the gutter and the lady was out side so I asked her if I could take it. She gave me a wierd look and said yes. I whispered thanks to the tree, but I did not give it anything. . . what COULD I give it?

The idea that it's supposed to be the length from your elbow to the end of your middle finger is just a guide. If it's too long, then that's fine. You can cut it if you wish. One of mine is about the length of my forearm (from elbow to wrist). The other is roughly that size as well, and has a quartz crystal point on the top. It's not the size that counts, it's how you use it.

You can add amethyst to it if you would like. It's your wand.

ETA: Just to note, mine were found items, already discarded from the tree, so I didn't cut them...but I did offer thanks 😀

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