Wire Wrap

by admin on April 19, 2008

Wire Wrap

Wire Wrap

The Critic’s Favorite – The Wire

TV shows on the underworld mafia are always a favorite. The critically acclaimed series, HBO’s ‘The Wire’ is a famous show based on drug dealings in Baltimore. The show specializes in depicting story line in a very intricate and gripping manner.

The complete drug chain is portrayed fantastically and the show depicts the lives of every person involved in a realistic manner. The show’s cast is an amazing ensemble. Though the show lasted for 6 years and wrapped up its final series last March, viewers still remember the show for its cinematic perfection.

The show covers different facets of Baltimore, including schools, government and the media. Though the show was not a commercial success, it is listed as one of the best series to portray realistic living conditions in the city. It has been credited for using character actors who have done full justice to their roles.

The Wire has been under constant critic evaluation and was practically written off during the third season due to low ratings. But, what surprised all was the way in which it recuperated from its previous shortcomings and rose to become a series that was best loved for its realistic portrayal of race, poverty and power in a completely different perspective.

The Wire has more than 30 nominations to its credit, and is President Obama’s favorite TV show too! Michael K Williams who portrays Omar is the President’s favorite actor, as quoted by leading news channel. It has been applauded by practically every media in recent times and avidly watched by fans around the world even now.

The series is out on DVD’s and also available on internet TV.

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