Wire Wrapped

by admin on May 27, 2007

Wire Wrapped

Wire Wrapped

Part 2: What Type of Wire Should I Use?

Trying to figure out what types of wire to use can be a most difficult process when beginning to make jewelry.  One of our previous articles addressed how to choose a wire temper.  This article will discuss how to choose the wire gauge for an upcoming jewelry project.   Remember, the larger the number of the gauge, the thinner the wire.

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28-34 gauge

The wires’ diameter measures from 0.013-.006 inches or 0.32-.16 millimeters. This is EXTREMELY fine wire. Wires with these gauges tend to kink and bend a lot —nylon jaw pliers will need to be used.  Is great for wire wrapping using small beads, wire weaving, and wire crocheting.

26 gauge

The diameter of this wire measures at .016 inches or .41 millimeters. Again, this is very thin wire and nylon jaw pliers and fine-tipped tools should be used.  Is good for wire wrapping beads and seed bead jewelry.

24 gauge

The diameter measures 0.020 inches or 0.51 millimeters.  This is still considered fine wire and the nylon jaw pliers are recommended when it gets kinks.  Great when using pearls and small crystals.

22 gauge

The diameter measures 0.025? inches or 0.64 millimeters. This gauge is ideal to use when 20-gauge is just a bit too thick.  This is a wonderful multipurpose wire and is excellent for wire wrapping beads and semi-precious stones.

20 gauge

20 gauge wire measures 0.032? or .81 millimeters in diameter. This is considered a medium wire in jewelry making and, just as the 22 gauge, it is a fantastic multipurpose wire.  Works well for making earwires, clasps, and headpins as well as wrapping glass and coiled beads.  It also recommended when making bracelets.

18 gauge

Measures 0.040 inches or 1.02 millimeters in diameter.  Is considered medium thick wire in jewelry making.  Works well for making clasps, wire wrapping beads with large holes, bracelet making and earrings.

16 gauge

Measures 0.051 inches or 1.29 millimeters in diameter.  This is a thick wire. It is recommended that heavy duty tools are used when manipulating this wire.  It is not recommended for the beginner.  Can be used for, neckwires, rings, and bracelet bases.

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How to Make Wire Wrapped Rings

Would you buy a wire wrapped starfish?

I make jewelry and one of my specialties is wire wrapping starfish and turning them into pendants. My question(s) this: would you buy one? is $17 a fair price if it is on a beaded chain? if you would like to take a look at what i am talkingabout, please go to website seawhisperart.com . I am trying to find my place in the market and would like to know what people (outside of my town) think of my jewelry. My website is new, and i really need to call attention. Any constructive answer is apperciated. Thank you.

personally i wouldnt wear it.. but it is a neat idea. I qwould suggest selling them to people who are vacationing in clostal places . A lot of places like that have gift shops that sell all sorts of "sea" jewelry and some of them are taky and people buy them so im sure it would work out for you. I dont know how you would get to that target group, but it would be worth looking into. Maybe reasearch some popular coastal vacation areas and see if there are gift shops in the area that sell artists work.. i know many do but i dont know how you would go about getting into doing it. I think 17 isnt too bad.. might try 15- its a more round number.

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