Yellow Quartz

by admin on March 17, 2006

Yellow Quartz

Yellow Quartz

Citrine vs. Yellow Topaz

When citrine is cut and set into a piece of jewelry, it is almost impossible to distinguish it from the more expensive gemstone, yellow topaz. As such, it has garnered a number of fallacious alternative names, such as gold topaz and Spanish topaz. The fact is, other than its yellow tinge, the quartz crystal variety has very little in common with the high grade mineral crystal.

Depending on the impurities tinting the gemstone, topaz can occur in a number of different colors. While yellow topaz is quite common, it can also be made pale green, blue, and pink. The clarity of the gemstone can range from transparent to opaque. Clear topaz can also be found but is very rare. What we see out on the market is usually artificially made.

The same goes for citrine. There are very few quartz crystals found in nature with embedded ferric impurities, giving it a distinctive yellow to orange-brown tinge. Most commercial variants of the gemstone are usually heated amethyst or smoky quartz.

Both yellow gemstones share the distinction as the birthstone for the month of November. They also share the same mystical properties, such as the power to heal and ward off negative thoughts and energy. The particularly bright yellow form of quartz crystal has come to symbolize the values of friendship and fidelity and is associated with optimism, hope, and strength.

To this day citrine is held as one of the more popular gemstones. Relatively less expensive than yellow topaz and available in a wider range of yellow hues, the crystal is favored by many November birthday celebrants.

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This rock is a rusty yellow on the outside and white crystalline on the inside. I am just assuming it is quartz. I chipped off a little corner of it and checked on search engines to see if I could find a match, and the closest I could find was quartz. Is it rare? Is it valuable? 27 pounds!
Grrr, somebody answer the question, lol

Wow! 27 pounds is a very large size for a quartz crystal. I would imagine if it really were quartz that it may be quite valuable. Since quartz consists mainly of silica (SiO2), an unpolished stone may appear white on the inside. In fact, sandstone is also composed of silica and since you mention that your stone is rusty yellow, without actually seeing it, I might suggest that it is a variety of sandstone. There is also a chance that it may be citrine. Please check out the links below. There is a photo of rutilated quartz in the third link that sounds similar to what you describe. If your stone is quartz, it would be great to try to sell it. Good luck!

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