Chinese Feng

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Chinese Feng

Chinese Feng

Chinese Vases Fengshui and Why You Should Own a Wealth Pot

Fengshui is one of the best ways to bring goodness into your life, though it only works if you believe in it with your heart. There are many symbols and many traditional Chinese items which are used in fengshui. Chinese vases feng shui are one of them.

These Chinese fengshui vases come in many shapes and sizes and in many colors which are important in fengshui. They are most beneficial in enhancement of money luck. They attract prosperity and help in maintaining it in the house. It's very important that you follow the various rules and guidelines in fengshui to get the best results.

Materials For Vases

The material of the vase should be in balance with all the elements of the area where the vase is supposed to be placed. For different directions, there are different materials to be used like for southwest or northeast you should use crystal and for west or northwest go for metal as it brings in the best of luck in wealth.

You can place Chinese coins and crystals and some jewelry and gold ingots or maybe some precious or semi-precious stones in it. It will help if you cover these vases with blue, green, red, yellow and white cloth and never open it again as it will help to retain the vases power. Besides keeping it covered, do hide it from the eyes of others.

Types of Fengshui Vases

Porcelain fengshui vases symbolize perpetual harmony. They come in many colors such as blue. Blue is a magnificent fengshui color. It is connected to the healing and refreshing water and with the clear skies. The shades of blue can vary from a gentle aqua blue to the bluish green of the sea. There are also shades of blue that go into the deep indigo blue.

One of most magnificent vases is the large Ram vase with ancient Chinese characters inscribed on the face. The handles of the vase look like the horns of a Ram which happens to be one of the Chinese zodiac animals. Then there's a white and orange mother and child Chinese fengshui vase. You can energize your family area with this and it's very good for expecting mothers.

The triangle shaped vase with mountain and moon design with flying birds has special significance in fengshui. All these Chinese fengshui vases bring the money luck closer to you and keep them in your houses.

Similarly there are fengshui wealth pots that symbolize never ending good fortune and are symbols of prosperity. The fengshui wealth pot, as the name suggests, invites spiritual and materialistic good luck into your lives and it maintains it as well. It works as a wealth energizer and pulls lots of wealth in your house. There is an ancient practice of keeping wealth pots in homes practiced in china for several years by many rich people. It brings in lots of good fortune and loads of wealth too.

Now the question is why you should own a wealth pot? Isn't the answer obvious? Who wouldn't want wealth in their lives and would want to maintain it too? These wealth pots bring lots of good fortune in your lives so that's brings happiness too.

What's important is that you must follow all the guidelines and never open these wealth pots. They should be cleaned only on the day of the Chinese year and kept back again. So lets' bring in all the luck and let the magic begin with Chinese feng shui vases.

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